We help smaller businesses enjoy selling

The truth is if you don’t develop your sales mindset to where you’re comfortable selling, then you won’t keep the cash flow at the right levels. That’s what I, The Sales Mindset Coach, set this business up to help you with. Together we can develop your sales skills and sales mindset so you can win the business you want to win.


The Sales Mindset Coach is a Facebook Group that will bring you Sales Tips, Blogs, Video, Infographics…even Memes…we’ve all got to have fun, right?! Join the group for free to add something useful to your newsfeed!

The Sales Growth Club is a members only club that gives you direct access to The Sales Mindset Coach and access to like minded people who want to develop their Sales Mindset even further. Offering exclusive live events, webinars and question and answer sessions.

Setting Meaningful Sales Targets

Are you asking Why before you ask What and How? Target Setting: Are you getting it right? Are you fretting that you’re nowhere near getting those targets you’re regretting setting? I’m betting you’re forgetting the jet-setting lifestyle you wanted to be netting. Don’t...


Rebecca Hancock

Director, Giraffe Graphics

“I really enjoy the Sales Mindset group, it’s great to chat with other small business owners about sales, I also really enjoy the Facebook Live’s that happen as they provide knowledge that I can then apply to my business to succeed. It also helps that Steve is such a nice bloke”!

Holly Crosby

Owner – SimplYou Coaching

Since joining the ‘The Sales Growth Club’ my confidence in selling has significantly increased. Through the videos Steve posts and the Q&A sessions I have learnt so much about the sales process and how to apply this to my business. My attitude and approach to selling has certainly improved!
I’d recommend Steve and the group to any business, big or small.

David Platts

Director – Peaked Interest

Asking the right questions of yourself is the key to any form of self-development. Steve’s success derives from asking the right questions in a way that provokes evolution and positive change.

Sue Humphrey

Director – Ecclesall Design

I can’t recommend Steve highly enough. Anyone who has a sneaking feeling that their sales and marketing strategy could do with a bit of a brush up should try sitting down with Steve for an hour or so. The insight he brings may well make you change your whole focus.