Funnel Vision Selling Made Easy

Great insight into the sales process which flows in a simple yet captivating easy read.
Once you pick up this book you won’t put it down again until the last page. 



Selling made easy

We are in unprecedented times and sales and selling has never been more challenging nor more important.

Selling is very difficult right now and your customers are perhaps not even buying.

But you have to do something about it, think differently, sell differently.

The truth is if you don’t look to develop your sales mindset and sales skills so you’re comfortable selling you won’t keep the cash flow at the right levels.

That’s what I set my business up to help you with.

If you take a course, join my Sales Mindset Community or subscribe to the Blog you’ll find new confidence in your approach to selling. 

Together we can develop your sales skills and sales mindset so you can win more of the business you want to win.

Community and courses

Business Owners Community

The Sales Mindset Coach is a Facebook Group with 1500 members discussing all things sales and selling.

Following The Sales Mindset Coach syllabus and creating confidence to work though these current tough times.

Premium Online Sales Course

Take advantage of the Sales in your Business Strategy course being FREE of charge – usual price is £150.

Sales in your Business Strategy, Growth Management and Sales Execution.

FREE Sales Courses

FREE sales courses and templates to Make Selling Easy

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The Sales Mindset Coach Blog

Am I Sales Company or am I Marketing Company?

Am I Sales Company or am I Marketing Company?

Am I Sales or am I Marketing? I blame the marketing team, they should have marketed it differently.Head of Sales I blame sales, we did 90% of the work, all they needed to do was close.Head of Marketing I’ve heard all the excuses before, the blame game when something...

Building and Sustaining Your Sales Strategy

Building and Sustaining Your Sales Strategy

Building and sustaining your sales strategy at time of adversity. Over the past few weeks I’ve taken you on a journey, explaining about the benefit of having sales within your business strategy, what this can do for you and what it’s done for others who’ve started in...

A product and a business plan.

A product and a business plan.

I have an idea, I just need $50, a product and a business plan. A son sends a letter to his dad “Dear Dad: Urgent. Please wire fifty dollars right away…” 60 years later the company he created is worth $39.1 billion. Dear Dad: Urgent. Please wire fifty dollars right...

What my customers say about my work

Sue Humphrey

Director – Ecclesall Design

I can’t recommend Steve highly enough. Anyone who has a sneaking feeling that their sales and marketing strategy could do with a bit of a brush up should try sitting down with Steve for an hour or so. The insight he brings may well make you change your whole focus.

Rebecca Hancock

Director, Giraffe Graphics

“I really enjoy the Sales Mindset group, it’s great to chat with other small business owners about sales, I also really enjoy the Facebook Live’s that happen as they provide knowledge that I can then apply to my business to succeed. It also helps that Steve is such a nice bloke”!

Holly Crosby

Owner – SimplYou Coaching

Since joining the ‘The Sales Growth Club’ my confidence in selling has significantly increased. Through the videos Steve posts and the Q&A sessions I have learnt so much about the sales process and how to apply this to my business. My attitude and approach to selling has certainly improved!
I’d recommend Steve and the group to any business, big or small.

 Dan Laver – Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

Account Manager – Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

Our membership team at Sheffield Chamber spent a day working with Steve to standardise and update our sales tracking and prospecting processes. Not only did Steve help the team in agreeing their own accountabilities and planning in advance of engaging with new Chamber members, but we have been able to develop his techniques into tangible solutions that will make us both more efficient and more successful in our recruitment.

Steve has a wealth of experience at the front line of sales and is able to streamline that knowledge into an approach that works for different organisations. We will be following up with Steve again and hope to work closely with The Sales Mindset Coach over the coming months.

David Platts

Director – Peaked Interest

Asking the right questions of yourself is the key to any form of self-development. Steve’s success derives from asking the right questions in a way that provokes evolution and positive change.