Do you need Senior Sales Professionals

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Business, Marketing

Do you need Senior Sales Professionals

What’s the Senior Sales Professional thing all about…

Why is this addition to an already perfect description being seen more & more?

I can see only see two possible reasons;

  • It plays to the ego of a sales generation that is adding value to a company through knowledge & experience. In other words, it’s an attempt to differentiate their skills & worth to the company.
  • It allows you to have a pay grade distinction in roles that assists you in retention of sales professionals that have industry knowledge & customer relationships that are critical to your businesses performance.

The more I think about it the more this token change in title troubles me, because, I think it’s taking the easy road out. I believe it’s the pace of change seen in B2B sales over the last 5 years is the reason we are seeing this more & more;

  • Companies struggle to migrate their more traditional sales processes to the fast accelerating technology plays that offer insight & efficiencies, whilst, they are slow in incorporating the significant changes in buyers behaviours into their sales processes.
  • We have more generations operating in the sales arena than ever before & this means we have leaders & frontline with different experience, capability & expectations in areas around Social, AI & all things digital. Instead of standardising approaches, an acceptance that “Senior” sales professionals don’t need to conform prevails

So instead of working to adapt traditional approaches & extract the value in new approaches it’s easier to differentiate two job titles. Its easier to justify a two tier system within your sales professional because you can validate it.

I guess you might just have the situation where “Senior” Sales professionals are in your business because they sell more, they have a higher level of competence, they specialise to create value, they adapt to technology advancements & they follow sales processes, they role model the right behaviours…but, oh hang on…isn’t that what a Sales Professional does?

I would be interested to hear your perspective if you have a “Senior” Sales sale job in your company.

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