5 Attributes That Make Goals Stick

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Business, Marketing

5 Attributes That Make Goals Stick

Are your goals sticky?

A week into this New Year, and “Dry” January became “No alcohol drinking in the house”-uary. Here we are three weeks later and it’s (d)evolved into “Only drinking alcohol in the house” when West Ham United are playing football on TV.

Recently I took the role of Corporate Sales Director and Sales Ambassador for the APS. That only came about because I saw joining the APS as a means to help me in achieving my passion of promoting the profession of sales. I set the goal for myself to join them with a specific outcome written down and followed up on it.

So I’m not perfect, not every goal I ever set will be achieved. I didn’t have a specific goal for stopping drinking alcohol in January. Sure, I knew it would be slightly better for my health, and maybe a bit for my pocket too, but there wasn’t the clear vision with a target in sight. (Neither, to be honest, was there any real passion for it!)

Goals and achieving them are a huge part of the culture in Sales. I’ve been reflecting on what the attributes or the habits leaders have which set themselves and their people up to succeed and make goals stick.

What do think about these five;

  1. They set goals, as well as ambitious goals. Always make sure you have a clear target in mind for what you want to achieve with that goal, set specific actions in place and then follow up on those actions. Push the ambition in your goals and do not be scared to aim high.
  2. They put themselves out there and get involved in trying new things. I’ve participated in my first podcast on Sales (Advice for business owners & sales leaders who have sales forces in SME Businesses). I’ve set up a Steve Knapp Sales Facebook Page and I am starting a Facebook Group for the 1st February this year. What is it that you can try to do differently to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself? Without putting yourself out there and trying new things, you simply will not find out about the new ways that you could be achieving the same or better results, perhaps even much quicker than you imagined.
  3. They are not scared of getting things wrong.  If you think it, try it. The First Action In Learning is to fail, so literally every failure you have, if you treat it as a learning experience, will be a positive experience.
  4. They deliberately communicate & share their goals. The American Society of Training and Development did a study on accountability and found the probability of completing a goal if :
  • You have an idea or a goal: 10%
  • You consciously decide you will do it: 25%
  • You decide when you will do it: 40%
  • You plan how you will do it: 50%
  • You commit to someone you will do it: 65%
  • You have a specific accountability with a person you’ve committed to: 95%

Wow…pretty staggering, right?

Did you know that there’s a scientific impossibility that the British Bumble Bee shouldn’t actually be able to fly because of their weight to wingspan ratio. But they do.

You know why…I think it’s because nobody can talk Bumbleeze (the official language of the Bumble Bee) to tell them!

So the last point i’ve recognised is that they surround themselves with positive people, who don’t say “you’ll never be able to fly”.

So go out, smash your goals, and #ElevateEverywhere.

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