5 Tips to Better Sales Call

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Sales Execution

5 Tips to Better Sales Call

According to Brian Tracy, there are 14 proven strategies that can increase your sales.

Such as;

  • ‘understanding that your prospects buy benefits’
  • ‘identifying your prospects problems’
  • ‘communicating your competitive advantage’,

If I ask you to think back to your last call did you communicate those three things effectively?

Did you even explore what their ‘problem’ was? 

Have a Pre-Call Plan

Having a pre-call plan will change the outcome of your sales calls for the better.

Noting down the questions you want to ask, the responses you expect, and key points to cover so you don’t forget.

With 69% of shoppers accepted a cold call from sales representatives over the past year I’m sure you want to get it right the first time.

5 Tips to Better Slaes Calls

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been discussing the importance of preparing for your sales calls, anything from cold calling to a Zoom networking meeting.

Here are an additional five tips which will help increase the industry average of a 2% success rate in your favour.

Create a List – Success is in Your Hands

Create a list of everything that you’ll need to ask to find out what it is your prospect is looking for.

  • How they believe your product will help them (not what you believe),
  • Their pain points and how you’ve helped others with that problem,
  • Any objections you anticipate and have a bank of responses/solutions.

Remember it takes 6-8 touches to create a viable sales lead, according to SalesForce.

This means you’re not necessarily looking for a sale but looking for an opportunity to grow and develop a relationship. 

Take 5 Minutes Before You Dial

Before jumping on a call take 5 minutes to review your pre-call plan.

Each person is different and requires a slightly different approach.

Make sure you’ve done the research and understand what it is they do and how your product fits into their ecosystem.

You’re not there to push your product but allow them to see how it will seamlessly fit and improve their business.

Rejection is Likely so Don’t Take it Personally

Plan for rejection.

With only 2% of cold calls ending successfully you will most likely get rejected over and over again.

It can be disheartening. But make sure you make notes on any successes you take from that call.

Such as:

  • What questions gained the best responses.
  • Which sector showed the most interest.
  • What was the most common objection.

including this knowledge in future pre-call plans will allow you to improve your chances of success.

An Olympic runner doesn’t just suddenly stumble on the track and win gold.

So remember that you won’t just rock up and start converting cold calls without experience and knowledge.

But do Also Plan For Success

Plan for success.

I appreciate I have mentioned rejection is most likely.

But quite often what’s missed in your planning is what you should do when someone say’s yes.

With only a 2% chance of success (1 in 50 calls) that yes is gold dust, do not mess it up.

Plan what it is you want that person to do next and how you are going to communicate that with them.

What are the next steps?

The Template is Here For You – WOPPA

My final tip is to grab my pre-call planner and make a dramatic change to your cold or warm call planning.

Using this planner will allow you to plan and increase the chance of success.

This planner will help you structure the Why, the Objective, the Premise, the Plan, the Objectives, and Anticipate.

The Next Steps to Consider

One, take a few hours out of your day to read my book, Funnel Vision, Selling Made Easy.

Two, join me on my upcoming Online Live sales training course, Plan Grow Do.

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