A busy November ends with an excited view on 2019! PLUS – sales tips for your Christmas break

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A busy November ends with an excited view on 2019! PLUS – sales tips for your Christmas break

Planning! That’s what November was for me…

How was it for you?

Planning for the Christmas period ahead.

Who’s coming to ours? who’s turn is it? where are we going? how can we fit it in and what are we going to eat?! The shops are starting to promote deadlines and Christmas opening times so planning around that, order the turkey, book your Tesco’s delivery slot etc.

Planning where I’m having my birthday meal with family and friends as that’s just before Christmas and what Christmas networking parties I’m going to attend. If you’re in Sheffield and around on Monday 10th I’ll be here at the Big Small Business Office Party.

All of this whilst planning the next wave of world dominance for The Sales Mindset Coach! Making changes to my Sales Plan as I start to consider the impact of PR…does anyone have experience with PR?

The Accelerator Programme and Sales Growth Club LIVE!

I start to plan out the launch of The Accelerator programme and in parallel build the content on my website!

This is new to me using an LMS plugin and building it in the background.

Planning The Sales Growth Club Live and putting an event on Eventbrite for the first time. There more planning here than I realised! Venue, marketing, building content for the Workshop, Workshop workbook ….boy a lot of planning!

In a really neat Facebook Group 0114 Marketing there was a recent poll that asked owners of smaller businesses if they were taking Christmas off and how many days would that be. I answered that I’ll be off over a week and was delighted to see many others were doing the same, but, to have that break I’ve got to plan content for my social platforms and ensure that all keeps moving forward so I’ll be looking for some new post automation tools to make that plan of a Christmas break become a reality.

Plan plan plan…how much is right 80% planning 20% doing or 20%planning and 80% doing…I’m not sure all I know is that whatever happens I’ve got a plan for it!

Sales Tip to help you enjoy more time off this Christmas!

Pre-plan your Sales calls by working through the WOPPA and reduce the element of luck by not winging it! This helpful article from the blog will help you do just that!

Pre-call planning template

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