A secret in sales is to tell stories.

by | May 21, 2021 | Business Strategy

A secret in sales is to tell stories.

A secret in sales is to tell stories.

I learnt a long time back that people remember stories and this is true in sales.

This is one of the reasons blogging is part of my sales strategy and why they are often positioned as a story.

I guess I could just reiterate time after time the importance of buying my service and throw in a few statistics of what it can help you achieve?  

After all you’re only really interested in how well it’s worked for others so you can make a decision.

Aren’t you?

I guess not.

Ironically 🤦🏼‍♂️ statistics show that after a presentation, 63% of attendees remember stories where only 5% remember statistics.

When it comes to your sales strategy consider how to make your product or service stick in your prospects mind.

Stories are more important than just throwing facts and figures at them. 

Continuing that thought, what other small but significant issues should you be considering when developing a sales strategy.

Here are three that are often neglected in pursuit of complexity.

Lead with what your prospect wants.

It is easy to get ahead of yourself and focus more on why you’re great and why you believe your service is right for the prospect.

You neglect to focus on what they need to know and that is how it’s going to help solve their current issue.

I’ve seen it many times, sales professionals get overexcited, almost go into a monologue and forget about the prospect at the end of the phone or across the table.

This is often perceived as pushy sales and can really disengage your prospect.

Flip that, change your mindset and adapt your strategy.

You sales strategy needs to be centred on what you solve or create for your customers.

Meaning any sales pitch needs to clearly articulate how it can solve a problem and fix the challenges your prospect currently has.

It’s interesting to note that 17% of salespeople think sales professionals are too pushy, but, only 50% of prospects/customers have the same opinion.

This means if you think you’re being too pushy your prospect most certainly will.

Connect with the decision-maker.

When selling, make sure that you’re speaking to the decision maker.

I can already see your eyes rolling 👀

But I see so many sales professionals selling to people who can’t make or influence the buying decision. 

Between us, do you not see this?

It’s like I’ve got you and I’m going to tell you regardless.

Most decision-makers employ gatekeepers to stop salespeople from wasting their time, because of this many salespeople waste their time overselling to gatekeepers. 

You see the vicious circle.

Break it!

Within your sales strategy and sales process, you need a step that allows you to quickly identify who and what is the decision-maker.

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Get your sales staff up to speed quickly

This next one scares me.

On average it takes 10 months or more for a new sales rep to be fully productive.

This clearly highlights the importance of having a highly effective onboarding process and an easy to understand sales strategy.

Make your sales strategy simple to follow, easy to understand and something that your whole team can easily implement. 

Additional to that, continuous training gives each employee on average 50% higher net sales.

So every time you update the sales strategy make sure that your sales people are immediately trained on the latest changes.

Next steps: 

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