About Me

Born and raised in the East End of London, I was brought up to value community above all else. You look after each other, and you do it with a smile. Everyone is valued, each person brings with them a unique skill set or insight which makes any community or team stronger.

This is why I always make a strong case for everyone involved in a business being made to be aware of, and responsible for, that business’ vision and goals.

I’m a West Ham fan, so you know I’ve got resilience and a sense of humour, and I’m a proud father of three…so like I said I’ve got resilience and a sense of humour.

About The Sales

I’ve worked all over the world implementing techniques to improve Sales; sometimes what seems like stating the obvious to one person, is a revelation to another. You simply don’t know what you don’t know.

Everything I’ve done contributed to the development of my Sales Mindset. When you work with as many businesses as I have on their sales, you notice there’s common problems and solutions in every business, no matter where they are, how big they are or what they’re selling. 

The value of what you get with me is that I’ve worked in sales for over 30 years – I’ve work in front line sales, led sales teams, developed global sales programs and now run my own smaller business.

So you get the all that experience that can help you to fly; but with my help, you also get the pixie dust that makes sure you get off the ground.

I want to help everyone, everywhere, elevate their sales. But as there’s only one of me, and that’s why The Sales Mindset Coach offers are based on line, taking into consideration the busy lives and ways of working  of smaller business owners .

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