Accountability Equals Results

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Growth Management

Accountability Equals Results

Accountability Equals Results

“Anyone holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” 

Thomas Paine

Accountability is important to the culture of your business, without it who exactly is in charge?

I remember reading an article about Steve Jobs and the story he told each person upon becoming a VP at Apple.

He claimed that if the trash within his office wasn’t taken out, he’d demand a reason from the janitor.

A reason or an excuse?

Between the janitor and CEO, all reasons for failure stopped mattering, it was each person’s job to be accountable to the success of the business.

I believe Steve Jobs understood the importance of accountability and the success it created.

So what can you expect when you adapt yourself and your business to hold yourself you’re your team accountable?

Reduces time and effort wasted

Accountability requires an element of forward planning, you decide on a task or goal, you set outcomes for this being met and then you decide how you will do this task or goal.

This forward planning helps you and your team to better manage your own time.

If you have a set end goal you can allocate your time accordingly, eliminating wasted time which in turn breeds a high-performing work environment for you and your team.

It also cuts down on distracting activities. 

Accountability Equals Results

You can take this further and not only have your team accountable to you but have your team accountable to themselves, added onto that if are you accountable to someone else this will increase the chance of completing that goal by 65%. 

If you set an accountability appointment with that person your 95% more likely to complete it.

Interesting stats hey!

Increases ownership 

Most people think of ownership when accountability is mentioned. Owning responsibility for the outcome and output of your work or tasks.

While you may think of accountability as a solo responsibility, ownership can be delegated to a team of employees or those you outsource to.

When they feel accountable for not just completing the task but also being a part of the complete picture or the end result you’re able to drive the result you want through others. 

Giving people ownership and making those people accountable for completing the tasks in the best way possible makes it easier for you to do more with less time.

It gives you time back in your business to focus on sales, and it helps your business to grow.

Grows your confidence

Children love being accountable for all the good deeds they do. Adults are no different.

By setting out your outcomes, making yourself accountable and congratulating yourself when you reach those outcomes will boost confidence, just like it does in a child.

Doing the same for those that work with you will have the same effect, and confidence drives even greater results.

Making someone accountable shouldn’t be seen as a punishment, or a marker set to see if someone will fail.

Accountability used as a tool is designed to help that person develop and boost their confidence and capability. 

Accountability is a one horse race. 

Social media has undoubtably made it easier to compare ourselves to others, particularly against the many vanity posts that our peers or competitors post.

We need to remember that we are truly only ever accountable to ourselves.

If we fail, we have to live with the consequences. If we have the success we get to live with the reward.

Far too often we look at what others are doing online and justify our actions or lack of action. 

‘I wanted to get 10 sales in this month, but competitor B only got 5, so my 6 is ok’.

I aimed for 10 sales, but competitor C got 20, I’m a failure’.

As we do not know the complete picture it’s hard to judge what our competitors results meant for them and how it compared to what you planned to achieve.

You set your goals knowing that those goals would be the best for you and your business.

Have trust in those goals, and have trust in yourself that what you’ve set yourself accountable for is right for you at this moment in time.

What’s next?

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