Aim High But Start Small.

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Growth Management

Aim High But Start Small.

Aim high but start small. Do you know the story of Colonel Sanders, the same Colonel Sanders of KFC?

You probably know that he sold chicken, that he had cooked, from his Shell Service Station during the Great Depression. But do you know that when the Interstate was built, it diverted traffic away from his business and his business took a massive hit?

He ended up living on a monthly pension of just $105.

Colonel Sanders felt he had no choice but to evaluate his goals and recreate what he deemed more realistic goals for his current situation. He drove around America, sleeping in his car, trying to sell his ‘secret recipe’ and he got rejected over 1000 times before he found a restaurant to take on his franchise idea, and give him a nickel for every piece of chicken sold.

The rest we know. A great story and a great reminder of what we can achieve if we set realistic goals.

Colonel Sanders had a goal and he was so driven to achieve that he slept in his car despite so many rejections. He kept on going through his sheer determination to achieve his goal and have a supplemental income to his pension.

Define what goals are realistic

When you set your goals try to remember to keep them SMART, with the A being achievable. I’ve mentioned moonshot goals before and though I still advise you have them don’t forget to set goals that are achievable and can be reached. 

Think about the T in SMART, timely – when can you achieve them? If the goals are set too far into the future, without mini short term goals to get you there it is more likely to make you procrastinate and less likely to achieve them.

If your long-term goal is to have 50 clients by the end of the year bringing in an additional £100,000 of retained income, try breaking this down into monthly goals that’s related to your previous monthly like for like sales.

It might be that you earn less in December then January, knowing this and setting your monthly goals accordingly will help keep your mind on track, stay focused and avoid procrastination.

Make sure others know your goals

Did you know that you are more likely to commit to a goal if you share it with a peer or someone else?

A study by The American Society of Training and Development showed you are 65% more likely to commit if you share that goal. 

Let’s say you wanted to start running but weren’t entirely motivated to go out to run. If you agreed a time and place to meet a friend for a run you would be more likely to go because you want to keep your word with someone else.

When it’s just ourselves that know our goals, it’s easier to let ourselves down and make excuses for it. When we tell others, we are more likely to strive to reach that goal.

Get your team involved

Share your goals with your team.

Be clear on what your goals are and ask them for their help to achieve them. They may help with new ways of looking at them, innovative ways to achieve them and they will certainly want to help you achieve them.

It doesn’t matter whether your team is built up with freelancers or staff, people like helping others achieve success.

Think about what will motivate you

It is natural to have those moments where you feel unmotivated to reach your goal.

It can be relentless at times and when things get difficult, or even boring, it’s easy to feel like stopping. Sometimes reaching the larger goal involves doing small and dull tasks.

For example, you might not enjoy bookkeeping and unable to outsource, a task that could take someone 3 or 4 hours takes you a week due to a lack of motivation, but instead of procrastinating remember that by going through your books you’ll have a really clear idea of how close or far you are from your sales goals.

Remember by doing this you’re one step closer to the goal you set. 

To stay motivated tie your goals into a reward, it doesn’t have to be money, it can be sometimes as simple as remembering the bigger picture, or maybe finishing early one Friday. 

Decide how you will know if you have met your goal

Always give goals deadlines. Remember the T for timely in SMART goals.

Deadlines help us with momentum, they propel us forward when we can see the finish line, just the same way as marathon runners as they approach the end of the race. So, when you are writing your goals, give them a set time to complete and criteria for how you will know you have achieved them.

Being able to see the success you have had towards your goal is a huge motivator to keep on pushing forward.

So what’s next.

I appreciate that sometimes the hardest part is just deciding what a realistic goal might be.

As a business owner or a seller, your target is often as simple as, get more sales to keep my job, or business alive. I advise if you are in this position to get your head down and learn more about how to set realistic sales goals.

Start with my Funnel Vision – Selling Made Easy book which is filled full of information on how to promote, sell and set the right goals. 

Don’t forget you can always contact me and get the advice you need either directly or via my Facebook group, The Sales Mindset Group.

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