Always Know The Next Step

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Sales Execution

Always Know The Next Step

And relax… You’ve made that call, you’ve spoken to that person and had a sort of sales conversation. 

What’s the next step?

Now, wait a moment what did they say, what did we agree?


I’m not surprised, on average most adults only have an attention span of 20 minutes, and can at times only hold up to 7 pieces of information at the same time.

Even if you haven’t forgotten, they probably have, as according to Funnelholic, only 6% of buyers actually ever remember receiving a cold call.

Always know the next step – take notes.

Over the many years spent as a sales coach the one thing, I see time and time again is sales professionals not taking relevant notes when completing sales calls.

There always seems to be a rush to end that call and move on, picking up the phone and jumping on a new call before spending time to analyse and sum-up. I’ve heard many excuses:

  • I’ll do it when I have time.
  • I always catch up with my notes at the end of the day.
  • They did not buy so what’s the point. 

And sales professionals getting so caught up making a sale that they forgot to write anything down.

Your job is to move the sale forward and to do that you need to know the next logical step

Steve Knapp – The Sales Mindset Coach

But using a post call report, writing down the notes from that call is not only helpful for follow-up conversations but also to get an overview of your entire cold calling strategy.

Let me explain why.

Always know the next step – use a post-call report for follow up conversations.

Remember from previous blogs, on average it can take between 8 and 12 touches to convert a prospect and get them to buy.

So even though your cold call might not have created the lead you hoped for, it might not be dead and instead there to be nurtured.

The best way to make a call go the way you want it to is to personalise it, make the prospect believe you know them, who they are and what they want.

How are you going to do this if each call is forever starting at the beginning asking the same questions, trying to get the same information without ever moving on? 

Take notes, use a post-call report and write down key information that allows you to not only avoid the need to ask again but as a prompt to open up the conversation from a certain point next time.

Hi Chris, it’s Steve here from The Sales Mindset Coach, how was your birthday? You mentioned last time we spoke that you were turning 40.

I know last time you mentioned it wasn’t the right time, but since then we’ve taken on board what we discussed, adapted our product and I think you’ll now find it’s what you need.

Always know the next step – use the information to create an overview of your sales process.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Using a post-call report and write down key information regarding what has and has not worked, what the prospect said and their objections to your call.

Sometimes the best way to discover that something isn’t right is to step back and look from a distance, but without the information in front of you what is it that you’re looking at.

Maybe they didn’t think your product was right for them and because of that, you’re realising it’s the wrong target audience.

Maybe most have been too busy to speak for long which would imply you’re calling on the wrong day. Or maybe you’re seeing a pattern of most hanging up after the first few seconds which would imply there’s an issue with your technique. 

Take the time to write down notes after each call and analyse those notes when possible. It might be the thing that stops you from going round in circles.

Whats the next step I’d like you to take?

First and to save time flicking through endless notepads of notes, download and utilise my post-call report designed with sales professionals and small business owners in mind.

Additionally take advantage of the many other free downloads I have available on my website, and join me and many more in my free Facebook group The Sales Mindset Group for the latest help and support.

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