Am I Sales Company or am I Marketing Company?

by | May 18, 2020 | Business Strategy

Am I Sales Company or am I Marketing Company?


Am I Sales or am I Marketing?

I blame the marketing team, they should have marketed it differently.

Head of Sales

I blame sales, we did 90% of the work, all they needed to do was close.

Head of Marketing

I’ve heard all the excuses before, the blame game when something doesn’t go to plan. But in my experience the issue is never just one team, it’s both and caused by a misalignment between sales and marketing.

As a small business you might be asking yourself how is this relevant to me because I do both jobs?

And it’s true you do, but this blame game can still exist.

I see it often, business owners not aligning their sales to their marketing or visa versa, and when it all goes wrong feel frustrated, some of which I cover below. 

I bet you also have a preference. You lean toward sales or marketing. You’re more creative or more commercial. Your business just might be being impacted by your preference.

Think about it for a moment are you more Sales or more Marketing…The answer as I’ve already said is that you must be both.

“There are so many channels to market on that I’m constantly glued to my phone.” 

With this new way of working I’m spending all my time trying to communicate and be present on all the different social media platforms. As well as posting every day, replying to comments, getting involved in discussions, liking, and sharing other people’s posts. Generally, being as communicative as I would in a network. Does this sound like you? First and foremost, don’t stop being on social media. 

Each man is capable of doing one thing well. If he attempts several, he will fail to achieve distinction in any.”


Like Plato said, focus in on doing one thing well, so rather than trying to be everywhere at all times find your target audience and use the platform they use. If you’re selling vintage art made from seashells and pebbles it might be Instagram to target B2C customers, if you’re teaching others how to do their own bookkeeping it might be LinkedIn as LinkedIn has a strong organic B2B following.

Spend a bit of time finding where your audience ‘hangs out’ and be present on there. Your stress levels and patience will thank you.

“To be seen I need to sell for £1 or promise 10x sales.”

Everyone is online, using social media and landing pages to get new revenue and business which absolutely shows flexibility in being able to adapt to changing circumstances. You’ve probably seen lots of posts selling or teaching this or that for £1 or another small amount. Promises are getting more daring and bigger.

It’s a natural human reaction to try to get noticed more by fitting in with the crowd and following trends. 

I recommend using your social media and online channels to target your ideal audience but stick with your sales and business strategy that we talked about last month. You’ve done the research, invested the time, and garnered feedback on what your audience wants. Use your sales and business strategy to guide your price.

What’s a more effective use of your time: trying to sell 10 of your course for £1 or selling 1 for £10?

“SEO, reach, impressions, blogs, landing pages etc, it’s all so complicated.”

You might have been born in an era pre-Internet or perhaps you grew up with the Internet but you favoured the offline marketing approach, e.g. networks, trade expos, informal dinners, etc. Of course, this isn’t an option for now and most of us have had to adapt to using our phones and computers to get online and tell our audience all about ourselves. 

From Facebook ads to SEO all the way through to blogs, reach, brochures, and online courses there are so many different things to be trying to do online. It’s like a whole new language. Don’t worry if you feel this way, you aren’t the only one. Just take it one step at a time bringing what you know offline to online. Remember what we said about your target audience. What works for them? What do they buy? Where do they buy from? Do they want to know about you as a person or about your business?

Listen to what your audience is saying online about you or competitors and use this to hone down your activity online.

“Whilst I’m marketing I’m not selling and whilst I’m selling I’m not marketing.”

The theme throughout this blog is that I get you, I get that marketing and selling takes up so much time. Marketing is kind of one of those things that expands to the time you have available because it is so diverse you could spend all your waking hours from getting up to going to bed just on marketing alone.

The creativity in marketing allows for this expenditure of time and effort. For some of you that might feed into your creative tendencies but you’re also keenly aware of how much time is needed for selling. Don’t make it harder for yourself than it needs to be. Use the tools that are available online.

For most things you can find a free version with limited usage to help you trial it to see if it works for you from social media scheduling to CRM. For tasks like this use automation tools so that you can be free to answer your audience’s questions, find out their concerns, offer your solution, etc. If you automate as many things as you can use that free time to be personable, to be present for your audience, and the other thing to remember is plan.

Planning your time in advance can say hours each week.

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