My Top Tips For Better Cold Calling!

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Sales Execution

My Top Tips For Better Cold Calling!

In the 1970s a young aspiring actor living in New York was desperate to land good acting gigs. This young ambitious actor tried agent after agent in New York. All in, the actor got told “No” 1,500 times including being told no multiple times by the same agents. At this time, there weren’t even 1,500 agents in New York. Unable to find work this young actor sold their dog for $25 because they were worried they wouldn’t be able to feed the dog. As things had gotten to the lowest point the young actor spent 3 days writing a script that they wanted to be the lead in. After numerous rejections from producers despite only having $106 to their name the young actor doggedly insisted that they play the lead. At this point, the story might finish with us never knowing the name of the actor. However, the resilience paid off and two producers offered to buy the script for $325,000 but with no acting role for the actor which the actor turned down.

Eventually, the producers relented and gave the actor $35,000 and the lead role. We all know this actor as Sylvester Stallone who wrote and starred in the Rocky series which has taken $1.4 billion at the box office and won three Oscars.

I’m not saying everyone should be the same as Sylvester. The sheer level of resilience was phenomenal and driven by a dream. However, lessons can be learned about prospecting and handling it with a mindset of resilence and realism amongst other things. Read on to find out my top tips for prospecting/cold calling.

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