Consider customer feedback

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Business Strategy

Consider customer feedback

Why it’s important to consider customer feedback

What is customer feedback? 

Over the years it has changed its name.

Customer feedback became recommendations, recommendations became reviews, reviews become social proof, and social proof is the cherry on the top of any marketing strategy.

Companies are going to extreme lengths to get others to push and promote their products. “A list” celebrities getting paid a fortune to recommend and promote someone’s brand, service, or product.

I appreciate that we are not all in the position to reach out to Kim Kardashian or Joe Wicks but there are small things you could do to make an impact.

Let’s pick on some of the things you should consider regarding reviews.

Customers can be your sales team

It is important to put your customers at the centre of your marketing strategy.

In 2020, 31% of consumers highlighted that they read more online reviews than previous years (in part because of Covid-19).

The sales and marketing landscape is changing, and we need to adapt to it.

Being more open and honest with our prospects regarding what our current customers think and experience.

Not only is customer feedback helpful in the sales process but it is also great for targeting pain points and summarising issues that you can resolve.

Make it automated

Customer feedback is one of the fasted growing markets.

Google My Business, Facebook Reviews, Trust Pilot, Trip Advisor, and many more have been around for years, but never have they been so powerful to your marketing strategy.

Now because of new developments, you can automate the system, automatically filling your social media feed, website, or newsletter with your latest reviews without ever needing to check, copy and paste.

Auto sharing unchecked content might sound scary but you can set the automation to only share 5-star reviews if you wish to.

There are never to many reviews

On average it takes around 40 reviews before a prospect feels they can trust a business’s review star rating.

So, the more you have the better chance you have of building trust.

To help get those 40 reviews try and keep everything in one location.

For example, if you are a food and drink establishment such as a restaurant it is going to be best to collect those reviews on Trip Advisor.

If you are a takeaway, then maybe Just Eat or Deliveroo whichever you’re using to collect orders.

If you are a service-based provider then I recommend Google My Business.

Not only does GMB allow users to see all the reviews in one place, but it also helps with your optimisation.

From here you can use some of the popular WordPress plugins to add reviews to your website.

Use video

Video is known to get around 1200% more shares than image and text combined.

You don’t have to wait for that written review.

You can be more spontaneous and use your mobile phone and all your customer if you can record them giving you a review.

Not everyone will be happy to do this, but, if they are go for it and ask them.

Whats’ next

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