If you can delegate it, delegate it.

by | Sep 30, 2018 | Growth Management

If you can delegate it, delegate it.

How to Lead a Team and Manage Your Time to Focus on Growth

You’ll have heard the phrase, “work on your business, not in your business.”

Coming from corporate where I led teams, it’s entirely normal for me to shell out responsibilities. If I had a problem with my computer, I didn’t try and fix it, I called IT support. That meant I was able to do what I was best at, meaning that the business ran efficiently.

You won’t have the same amount of resources or teams as a corporation, but the same principles still apply. The second that it becomes possible for you to outsource and delegate responsibility to something that isn’t what you do to generate revenue, you should do that.

When you pitch your services or your products to your clients to buy, the premise is usually that you will either save them time or make them money.

This same principle applies to you. You should start finding people to save you time or make you money.


Another phrase you’ll hear regularly when you’re around business people is “you can’t see the wood for the trees.”

You’re ultimately responsible for looking after the whole forest, but if you’re walking in the forest, you can’t see the whole thing to make sure some of it isn’t on fire, for instance.

We’re talking about the business that you’ve started which presumably you care a lot about and have a specific vision for how you want it to grow. No one else is going to care about it the same way that you are, so you have to be the one to grow it.

Even if, eventually, years and years down the line, you hire someone to do that job, you still have to make sure that they’re doing their job to ensure the business you’ve started survives. Unless you hire a Board of Directors. But then who makes sure they do their job? You see where I’m going. Ultimately, if you wanted to accomplish something by starting your business, you’re the one responsible for getting it there.

Leading a Team

Don’t lose the accountability, leading the team and signing off, providing input for your mission, strategy, communications and management.

These are all the vital things in your business which must infiltrate everything that gets done. Reinforce it enough and that becomes the culture of the team.

Don’t micromanage. Pick people based on your trust in them to perform the tasks you set them without your input. As soon as you start to micromanage, you might as well be doing the task yourself, as it isn’t saving you time anymore.

Key Points to Consider

Time is your most valuable asset. Give yourself more time the second it becomes possible to.

You can’t manage effectively from within. Get yourself off the playing field so you can see the game as a whole.

Micromanaging is counterproductive. You will lose the time you are supposed to be saving.


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