Don’t screw up Christmas, you’re accountable.

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Growth Management

Don’t screw up Christmas, you’re accountable.

For those that have children, you’ll understand the pressure of accountability on Christmas Day.

Your children have had you in their sales funnel for months.

  • Firstly, a Suspect identifying their target audience, do they speak to mum or dad and who has the budget for what they want?
  • To Prospect establishing if there’s an actual opportunity.
  • Then onto Approach & Analyse determining if there is an interest from you to buy them what they want.
  • Finally, as it moves into November the negotiation happens, PS5 or Xbox? The Jurassic World Super Colossal T-Rex or JW Sound Strike Irritator? New iPhone 12 or iPhone SE?
  • Before finally getting what they consider the Close.

Now it’s down to you.

Your role switches from being the customer to the supplier and you’re now accountable for the outcome on Christmas Day.

  • Did you listen to your children?
  • Did you spend time understanding their needs?
  • Did you do the research?
  • Who did you outsource to Amazon, eBay, Game, Tesco, Smyths?
  • Have you exceeded expectations?
  • Did you feedback any issues getting what your child (the client) asked for?

Being accountable for the most important day of the year for your children is just as important, maybe even more important, then delivering that project or service on time to your clients.

Don’t screw up Christmas – Here are just a few tips that you can implement.

Set your goals, both small achievable targets and moonshot goals.

Seems simple, figure out where you want to go and plan the journey, but I see so many business owners and sales professionals forget to do this. When they do, I also see a lack of accountability.

Take my opening example.

The Moonshot goal might be the ultimate Christmas gift which you’re accountable for getting, you break that down into smaller tasks and make others accountable, such as EE for providing a phone that allows you to search the Internet.

Amazon for sending it to you. Royal Mail are accountable for delivering it, and you make yourself accountable for wrapping it.

Finally, you make everyone else accountable for not opening in advance of Christmas Day.

Having those smaller achievable targets help in achieving the moonshot goal of a perfect Christmas.

Own your accountability and reward yourself.

Children love accountability.

Anything from making themselves a drink for the first time, to putting a sock on, and for one day each year being the person to put food out for Santa and his trusty reindeer Rudolph.

Children are also very good at rewarding themselves, telling as many people as they can and self-rewarding with confidence.

As adults, we lose that, we forget to reward ourselves in the same way.

So next time you’re accountable for something, and you’ve set a goal make sure you reward yourself with anything from a self-congratulating pat on the back, a Costa coffee, a half-day off work or something grander.

Don’t over commit. 

We’re all prone to the odd promise that’s unattainable.

Agreeing to something that impossible to reach in the agreed time frame.

For those parents that have already committed to buying their young ones a PlayStation 5, many are going to have to backtrack and deal with some very disappointed children on Christmas Day.

This could have been avoided by doing some research and then setting out with your client, in this case, your child, realistic expectations, maybe even feeding back to your child the issues with supply and demand so they maintain trust.

From there you can agree on what substitute presents can be delivered on time in place of the PS5 or until the stores have more stock at the beginning of 2021.

Whats next?

With Christmas on its way, make sure you make time for yourself and treat yourself to the odd present. For me, one present that should be on your Christmas list is my latest book Funnel Vision: Selling Made Easy, available on Amazon for a stocking filler price.

Build your Sales Plan with my Accelerator Online Course. Step by step you work through my sales syllabus and through exercises and quizzes build your plan as you go. Just the thing as you prepare for 2021.

Additionally, I advise you to start 2021 with a boost by joining Rob and myself on the next Plan Grow Do Events nd discover the 2021 approach to selling.

A little more reading on accountability for you

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