Take advantage of target setting by dreaming big

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Growth Management

Take advantage of target setting by dreaming big

Do you dream of being a millionaire? Or having a successful company with several employees? Maybe you just want to have a growing business that allows you to live a comfortable life. When I think of setting targets and reaching goals a story I recently heard comes to mind.

Real life stories of setting big goals.

At the age of 14 the father of this young boy lost his job, the only job within the family, due to financial circumstances the family had to give up their home and move in their VW campervan onto the lawn of a relative. But this young boy had a dream, so with an ambition to become a comedian and a movie star he set a target to do so. He visualised this target each evening by sitting on Mulholland Drive in LA and analysing his current success and what else was needed to reach this goal.

During one of those evenings, he wrote a cheque to himself of $10,000,000 for acting services rendered and dated for Thanksgiving 1995. Today we know this person as Jim Carrey.

Setting meaningful targets will allow you to dream, allow you to be ambitious and stay authentic to your goals. There’s nothing wrong in being ambitious as long as each target is realistically set.

In 1994, a little over a year before Thanksgiving 1995 Jim Carrey made Dumb and Dumber earning him $7,000,000, this being just shortly after making Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

Although Jim Carrey is a great example of dreaming big I’m going to quickly highlight below what you should expect when setting meaningful targets?

I can see I’m reaching my goals.

Has anyone ever asked you “How is business?” for you to reply with the typical response “really good” because in your opinion it is going well. But how do you know? How have you measured that success? Is it judged just by the amount of money in your bank account at the end of each day? That might be great for today, but what about tomorrow?

Now I’m not expecting anyone to have a profit and loss sheet on hand every time they’re asked or point out the subtle increase of sales between quarter 1 and 2, but as a business owner you should know how you, and the business, are doing with precise accuracy in relation to the goals you set. You’ll be able to track those targets and quickly determine how far away you are. So next time you’re asked you’ll not only be able to have confidence to say “really good” but conviction behind the statement.

Rewarding myself

Do you want to buy a villa in France, afford a holiday to Florida, lease a new car or maybe something a bit more realistic such as an afternoon off? Goals keep us focused and allow us to reward ourselves, it’s important to not only set the targets but outline what the rewards might be. Reaching those targets takes time, takes effort and a lot of determination so reward yourself!

Your business will grow

How do you know when your business is growing? You might have more money in the bank and more clients coming on board but are they the right clients? Is the money coming in going to be consistent? Having a goal not only gives us a target to reach but it also allows us to reach the right target, keep us on track and in-line with our business strategy.

Remember, the most important part when setting targets is to always make sure they are part of your business strategy. Allowing your strategy to take the lead will help you reach the correct targets at the right time and continue growing in the right direction.

Next steps and further reading.

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