‘No news is good news in the world of customer feedback’. It’s just not true!

by | May 7, 2019 | Business Strategy

‘No news is good news in the world of customer feedback’. It’s just not true!

According to Testimonial Engine roughly how many consumers read reviews before visiting a business or making purchasing decisions?

  1. 45%
  2. 58%
  3. 74%
  4. 90%

I’ll reveal the answer in just a few moments but first, let’s break down the reasons behind asking for customer feedback. For me, it comes down to 2 key points, the ability to show others how great your products are for your clients in the hope of selling more, and the other is to bring the customer further into the relationship. Asking for customer feedback is a sign that you care about their opinion and want to work with them making sure that what they’ve bought now fits their expectations. Further to that involving the customer and working with both positive and challenging feedback will only help shape your business for the better. As a small business a wrong decision can be devastating to your growth but following a proven strategy can quickly excel your business.

The answer to the above question is a staggering 90%.

So what frustrations can arise from asking for feedback.

“What do you do with negative feedback?”

It’s hard. You’ve poured time and effort into running your business and making sure your services are the best they can be for the clients you’re working with but still you’re getting negative feedback and a feeling that they might leave.

Think carefully what did you promise? Leads? Sales? Exposure? A simpler sales process? Maybe what you promised isn’t happening and the client is letting you know. Negative feedback isn’t the client asking to leave or telling you that you’re doing a bad job, it’s asking for help in understanding what you’ve offered, giving you a chance to adapt and learn. They value you and your service, their feedback is there to help you deliver what they need.

“I’m too busy to get testimonials”

As a business owner, we strive for free opportunities to grow our business and nothing is more powerful and free than a glowing client testimonial. Not only can this be used in your sales process but it allows your customer to feel more involved.

If you are struggling for time, then automate. Set a delay in your email process prompting your clients to give feedback days, weeks or months into the contract. You could even provide links to your social media channels allowing for testimonials to be directly uploaded. Remember your customers are expecting you to ask, they want to tell you, so don’t hesitate in asking.

“What happens if client feedback is asking for something you don’t do.”

What a great opportunity to develop more services or products in your range. I understand there might be a frustration should a client ask for something you’re not able to sell or provide, especially after you’ve spent time delivering what you thought would work. But by asking for feedback throughout nothing should come as a surprise. Asking at regular intervals will demonstrate a pattern in how the client feels and this will prepare you, allow you time to find a solution to an ongoing need. It might even give you an opportunity to range sell your other services.

Next steps!

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