Finding clients in a COVID world

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Growth Management

Finding clients in a COVID world

Finding clients in a COVID world

Since lockdown I don’t know where my ideal target audience is

There’s no doubt that within the last 7 months the entire world has changed. From a selling perspective, I think irreversibly some of this change is for the better.

While sectors such as technology and e-learning have grown, industries such as retail, events and hospitality have struggled.

We know this and this does likely mean that whilst your ideal client hasn’t changed, what they need and how they want to buy it has. 

So who do you target, how do you pivot?

We explain this in detail in my Plan.Grow.Do. modern sales training courses and services. I would suggest that the most effective way to pivot is to ask those that you’ve previously considered your ideal audience.

If you can, ask those you are currently working with.

You’ve spent time building that relationship, you’ve already gained their trust and their business so utilise that by asking them what they now need, from you, to survive and grow.

Consider how they’ve they pivoted and adapt with them. 

Lets look at Apple

Take Apple, arguably there is no better company when it comes to adapting their products and services to their target audience.

By understanding how the COVID crisis and the need to wear face masks changed the way we unlock our phones, Apple released a new 13.5 update changing how the biometric data on the Face ID worked reducing the need to see our nose and month.

Plus they are announcing a new iPad Air for 2020 that will backtrack and have a Touch ID fingerprint reader. Your services should never stop adapting and developing.

Everyone is my customer and having a target audience limits me

I wish that everyone was my audience, being able to target the whole 68 million people within the UK would make it easier to gain sales. But it is just not the case for me, or you. 

Let’s break it down.

I run a B2B business which already reduces my audience and removes anyone without a business.

I target those wanting to increase sales within their business which narrows my audience down to business owners, sales managers or anyone that has an input with their internal training needs.

Additional to that, I specialise working with people who sell in person rather than e-commerce which reduces my audience again.

That is my target audience, quickly defined from 68 million to around 5.9 million private businesses. 

Additionally, I reduce this further by targeting the 47,175 businesses in Sheffield City Region.

Often people get confused between focusing on a target audience and a demographic.

A demographic are subjects of that target market, meaning a more detailed and selective audience.

Focus on a target audience to save time, money, and energy.

How do I monitor my ideal audience?

COVID 19 has only enhanced the need to use digital technology to monitor our sales and marketing efforts.

As mentioned in my above point, my target audience is potentially 47,175 people, if I am going to reduce that further and be more calculated with who I’m targeting, tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, website heatmaps, customer surveys, and my post-call reporting template and sales funnel will help. 

These tools allow me to note who is interacting with my marketing material, and more importantly who’s buying.

Many of the tools available are free, or at least have a free basic plan that allow you to collect data, analyse the results and discover if you’re targeting the right audience, and narrow that audience to those that are more likely to convert.

So what do I do next?

Firstly, head over to my Amazon page and grab my book Funnel Vision – Selling Made Easy, secondly, join my free Facebook group The Sales Mindset Group.

As a business owner or sales professional, it’s important to gain as much information and be able to continuously learn and develop throughout 2020. Especially in this ever-changing market. Both these resources provide that information.

Additionally, if you haven’t yet seen my Sales Talk TV Show, do take a few minutes to watch the valuable content that I’ve accumulated over the last several months speaking to some of the UK’s leading voices in business and sales development.

Sales Talks Playlist is here 👉🏼

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