Always Learning – Amazon and a Book Launch.

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Sales Leadership

Always Learning – Amazon and a Book Launch.

Amazon is amazing, isn’t it?!

Do you admire what they do or are you cynical about what they do?

Whilst launching my book Funnel Vision Selling Made Easy I’ve gotten first hand experience of just what an amazingly comprehensive offer Amazon has created and offer budding authors to make the publication and distribution of a book as easy as possible.

Now of course along the way they drawdown from your sale and the money you make isn’t that noted as the book price, but, the reach they have and the service they offer your end customer is by far in excess of what I could affordably achieve if I was looking to sell my book on a global level.

If you are in an “Amazon” country you can have you book listed, printed, and distributed by Amazon. Imagine this extreme scenario. One person in India orders the paperback version of my book and this print on demand and distribute model kicks in…one person…and if that person is on Prime they could even get my book the next day!

Now I’m aiming for a lot more but isn’t this an amazing thing to just consider.

The platform also provides a place of competition…charts and reviews. This is so amazing really that Amazon have created an ecosystem that (in my opinion) is aspirational, inspirational and motivating.

Do you have your customer and your customers customers journey covered this week? Know I’ve some way to go!

My book Launch

Launching my book in Sheffield was a real thrill and in the spirit of always learning was a first for me. I never attended one before and obviously never launched a book before. I didn’t know what to expect.

I thought that throwing in some free pizza and Prosecco would go down well (didn’t think of soft drinks, sorry!) and that a few people might come along and it would be a low key affair.

Deep down I was hoping for more and I was absolutely thrilled with what happened. 

The community really did come out and support me, over 40 people attended my book launch and there really was a buzz as my amazing writer Neil Anderson of Neil Anderson Media gave his talk and when Dan Laver of unLTD announced that I’m a new regular columnist is that publication. 

I again underlined my mantra that “sales deserves its reputation” but “it doesn’t have to be this way” before I went on to sign my books to people who actually wanted me to sign their newly purchased copies of Funnel Vision.

This was a first, a little uncomfortable at first but I reflected just how much this meant to me that the business community I work with on a day to day basis held my work in this regards…it was a special evening. 

See highlights from the launch event here and whilst you’re there why not subscribe to my YouTube Channel

My book has reached #2 in the UK’s Marketing and Sales Hottest Release Charts and later this week the paperback will be listed on Amazon in all the “Amazon countries” so my friend in India can order her / his copy.

To download my book for kindle, , or to order a paperback version:

I am so keen to hear what you think of my book, what you liked and how it helped so please message me or send me an email.

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