Funnel Vision – The Sales Mindset Coach book coming soon!

by | Aug 3, 2019 | Sales Leadership

Funnel Vision – The Sales Mindset Coach book coming soon!

There’s a popular saying that everyone has a book inside them…


But it wasn’t anything I’d actually thought of until I was reminded of my own career, how much I’d learnt and what I was trying to achieve through the Sales Mindset Coach.

Life could have turned out very differently for me. I could have quite easily ended up as the kind of stereo-typical cockney salesperson I’ve spent a career trying to distance myself from!

In fact if you ever sat down and mapped out what would have been the ideal pre-requisites for the next ‘Del Boy’ Trotter I was probably pretty close to having them all:

✅ East End boy – check

✅ Working class parents – check

✅ Leave school with no qualifications – check

✅ Take a Saturday job selling fruit and veg – check.

So how did I end up writing the sales handbook for Shell – one of the biggest and most successful companies on the planet?

I think it’s because – even from a very early age – I realised that a ‘sale’ had to provide something of value to both parties.

These days we call it a ‘win: win’ situation. Back then, in the days of my Saturday job, it meant ensuring the customers were buying the fruit and veg from me and not one of the rival shops down the road!

In October I’ll be launching ‘FunnelVision – Selling Made Easy’ – a book that pulls together all my Sales Mindset Coach products and lifts the lids on three decades at the forefront of the sales industry.

It will be pragmatic, easy to follow and be – I hope – the start of sales success for thousands more businesses and individuals.

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Cheers, Steve

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