Funnel Vision: The BOOK LAUNCH announcement!

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Business Strategy, Growth Management, Sales Execution

Funnel Vision: The BOOK LAUNCH announcement!

I’m delighted to welcome you to Funnel Vision; Selling Made Easy: The book launch!

Anyone that has read my blog or caught me on social media will know I’m a big advocate of becoming a ‘leading voice’ of your sector.

It is one of the most important steps you can ever take to ensure you keep your sales funnel brimming with prospects.

In fact, becoming a leading voice in a sector is one of the key cornerstones of my sales teachings – it’s of paramount importance you’re always at the cutting edge of your industry to ensure you stand out from your competition.

How I aim to become a leading voice for sales.

Anyone that knows me also knows I’m a big advocate of “practice what you preach” and, in a few week’s time, I’m set to unveil something I believe is one of the ultimate ways to become that ‘leading voice’ – and I want to invite you to celebrate with me!

I’ve spent the past few months on my first book, ‘FunnelVision – Sales Made Easy

This has been an incredibly exciting project for me and also quite a humbling one.

Like many people I went through the whole process of doubting I was worthy of my own book.

It was my PR man  Neil Anderson  that first suggested the idea.

Funnel Vision – The Sales Mindset Coach book coming soon!

He caught one of my presentations and was blown away by my knowledge and commitment to breaking the stereotypes around selling.

There’s a popular saying that everyone has a book inside them – and he made me realise there was definitely one inside of me!

I spent many happy hours with Neil as we talked about my own career, how much I’d learned and what I was trying to achieve through the Sales Mindset Coach business.

Life could have turned out very differently for me. I could have quite easily ended up as the kind of stereotypical cockney salesperson I’ve spent a career trying to distance myself from!
In fact if you ever sat down and mapped out what would have been the ideal pre-requisites for the next ‘Del Boy’ Trotter I was probably pretty close to having them all:

  • East End boy – check
  • Working class parents – check
  • Leave school with no qualifications – check
  • Take a Saturday job selling fruit and veg – check

I still have to pinch myself when I think back to my amazing career with Shell – a career that saw me writing the sales handbook that is still used today.I think it’s because – even from an very early age – I realised that a ‘sale’ had to provide something of value to both parties.

These days we call it a ‘win: win’ situation. Back then, in the days of my Saturday job, it meant ensuring the customers were buying the fruit and veg from me and not one of the rival shops down the road!

On Thursday, October 24th, at 6pm, I’d like to invite you to the official launch of ‘FunnelVision – Sales Made Easy’. The event takes place at Sheffield’s Piccolinos Restaurant, 4 Millennium Square, Sheffield S1 2JJ.

I’ll be treating you to an arrival drink, a few snippets from my book, a couple of guest speakers, quality networking and even – if you’re lucky – a slice of pizza!

Grab your free chapter of the book!

You can get hold a sneak peek of the book over on the home page. Head over there and follow the simple instructions, the chapter will be sent to you straight away!


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