Get Results From Cold Calling

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Sales Execution

Get Results From Cold Calling

This week we’ll look how to get results from Cold Calling.

When Leonardo Di Caprio showed us how to Cold Call in The Wolf of Wall Street most people (not just salespeople) were disgusted at the lack of respect shown towards the consumer, all he wanted was the result with no care on what he said and did to get it.

But how much of this was Hollywood exaggerating for the sake of the film and how much has this portrayal play a part in the recent perception of Sales People and Cold Calling.

We now have the ability to communicate across many digital platforms, but we now have to think about how the buyer has changed, and not rely on how they used to buy.

With 69% of buyers accepting Cold Calls from Sales People, Cold Calling should still be a large part of your selling strategy.

I often can be heard saying,

It has never been easier to sell but is has never been harder to get noticed by your buyer.

To get noticed you have to now think more about your customer than the result, your bonus or the bottom line,.

Let’s take a look at what results can you expect;

Understanding cold calling is part of a chain

As highlighted above, cold calling got a bad reputation in the late 1990s, before the era of digitalisation.

Salespeople didn’t know if their customer would be receptive to their call and the customer didn’t know much about the company, if anything at all.

Smartphones and the Internet has changed the relationship forever.

Today, previously unavailable information is available at the tap of a screen.

Cold Calling was seen as a salesperson trying to sell something to a customer, but, today we know that’s not what cold calling is about.

Have a clear idea of what you want to happen next

If you have done a pre call plan, (more information on this can be found as part of my Accelerator Course), then you’ll have a very clear idea of what you want to happen next.

It could be that you want to send them a trial product, or a free download, or join a Facebook group, or most probably to set up a meeting.

Changing your mindset to knowing that your Cold Call will result in the next logical step instead of a sale is key to feeling more confident with Cold Calling.

Some good news for Sales People

82% of buyers accept meetings when salespeople reach out to them.

Increasing the quality of the leads you follow up

When done effectively you can increase the quality of your leads you invest time and resource to follow up.

You can use the Cold Call as an opportunity to qualify the opportunity by asking the right questions:

Here’s three that I use:

Can you solve their pain points? 

Does your product or service match their needs? 

Are they thinking about buying?

Just pick up the phone

Like most, if not all, lead generation activities, you can increase the number of leads by picking up the phone and making those Cold Calls.

It doesn’t even have to be Cold Calls it could be nice safe and cosy Warm Calling, e.g. referrals that have been passed to you by a business acquaintance.

It could easily be a data list that you’ve brought and warmed up with targeted online marketing.

Simply follow up by picking up the phone and progressing these sales opportunities.

Checking your product is right for your target customer

When you make that call remember that you’re looking to get your prospect to the next logical step but to check that your product or service is suitable to their pain points. 

Remember you’re confirming that they right type of customer you are targeting and one that you would want to work with.

Here’s three questions you should look to have answered before you even consider categorising them as a Prospect:

Can your product or service help? 

Do they even need it? 

What is different to your product or service when compared to competitors? 

As I once got told ‘You’ll never be able to sell a snow to an Eskimo! (Chapter one in Funnel Vision Selling Made Easy – see below 👇🏼)

Get results from Cold Calling

Cold Calling really does work, but as a Sales Person you need to give it time, be prepared and have the correct mindset to generate results.

If you’re still unsure please take a moment to join the thousands of people reading my book by downloading or ordering the paper back copy of my sales book ‘Funnel Vision, Selling Made Easy’ from Amazon.

My book will guide you through the journey of being a Sales Person and will help you be even more effective at selling.


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