How I aim to become a leading voice for sales.

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Sales Leadership

How I aim to become a leading voice for sales.

Stop press! I know I’ve already blogged recently but I needed to share this fantastic piece of news.

I also think it’s good to remind you that the Sales Mindset Coach is on the business development journey with you; you are definitely not alone!

Each week I’m looking for new ideas to grow my brand, provide valuable content for you and give training programmes that really make a difference.

Some ideas work, some don’t – but it’s important you keep pushing as it’s the only way to move forward.

It has been an amazing journey these past few months since I launched and – like you – I’m always on the look for new opportunities.

Going for awards are definitely something I advocate. They can give you ‘money can’t buy’ endorsement, they raise your profile and they can put you in contact with potential new customers.

I’ve just found out I’ve been short-listed for an award at my first attempt!


I entered The Star newspaper’s Small Business Awards a few weeks ago and have been nominated in the ‘innovation’ category!

I am thrilled. It has been quite a journey for a former Calor Gas door-to-door salesman to where I am now!

Since my spring 2018 launch, I’m now working 1,500 business owners through my online Facebook Group; I’ve coached over 150 businesses in the region and I’ve had 40 people join my online Sales Mindset Coach platform.

I’ve also coached staff at the Chamber of Commerce; I’m a mentor with The Source and I’ve held two sell-out Sales Growth Club Live events.

It’s an honour to compete against the other nominees in my category.

So congratulations, Pure Panela, Small Stuff UK and Sport: 80.

Win or lose it is always great to be recognised!

But, as I said it doesn’t stop and I am working hard to further innovate the accessibility of sales training by developing an interactive board game for businesses to see the power of a sales process in their operation in a fun and engaging way.

Work continues on my book and Funnel Vision is coming to life!

I can’t wait to share with you how these aspects develop!

Be a leading voice for your industry.

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