How to create more sales in 2021

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Sales Execution, Sales Leadership

How to create more sales in 2021

How to create more sales in 2021. We cant argue that it really is a difficult time as the UK heads into another national lockdown.

The retail and entertainment industry grinds once more to a halt before it even got time to get started, and all other businesses are asked to work from home (if they can, or is it when they can’t 🤔).

I know for me after most of my sales life on the road selling for Shell, particularly to the manufacturing and engineering sectors selling during the first lockdown via zoom wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Most of my working life, well life, has been in sales and I can imagine that this mass migration to an online world has come with its challenges.

I bet that you’re now starting to see some opportunities and perhaps you just need a little help to finesse some of the new skills and ways of working that you’re adopting.

So to help you, Rob Taylor from 0114 Marketing and myself have taken what we know works around sales and marketing and developed a range of sales events.

These sales events will help you approach 2021 with confidence, process and structure to succeed in sales. Check them out here Plan Grow Do.

How to create more sales in 2021.

Keeping on the theme, helping you develop a sales pipeline that prioritises your sales activity, I’ve got a few top tips from Plan Grow Do that I thought I’d share.

Use a sales funnel – SPANCOP

A sales funnel is a powerful solution to helping you prioritise and focus on your target customers.

I refined and implemented the SPANCOP sales process in many business sectors and sales channels whilst I worked at Shell.

Since leaving Shell I have made it accessible and nimble enough to work for your sales activity

SPANCOP is quick and simple to set up, and if you continue to manage it effectively it can show you present and future opportunities in your business helping you navigate what 2021 might throw at us.

Having an effective sales funnel will also help you identify where resources are needed and where growth is possible.

Take my free Sales Funnel and SPANCOP course 👇🏼

Prioritise sales opportunities

Funnel Vision Selling Made Easy

Having a sales pipeline is one thing, but using it effectively is key to its success.

When searching for new opportunities and adding them into the top level of your sales pipeline ‘Suspects’.

You’ll find a combination of gold dust, those we class as high volume and low value and perhaps not your ideal customer – read Are You Fishing In The Right Pond.

You’ll also find your gold nuggets which are made up of your big 5 and top 5 sales opportunities. 

Your big 5 are the long-term strategic growth opportunities with high potential.

Your top 5 are the opportunities that will reach the order stage next

Watch for your big 5 and top 5 and prioritise getting them through your sales pipeline. These are the customers that can quickly change your success for 2021. 

Don’t get distracted with “interesting” opportunities that won’t turn into sales #dontselltosuspects

The content pipeline

We talk a lot about the importance of having a sales pipeline to prioritise your sales activity.

But there are additional areas of your business where a pipeline could benefit.

As part of Plan.Grow.Do. we discuss the importance of using a pipeline to prioritise your content strategy.

Taking prospects from Unaware to Aware to Consideration, to Decision and ultimately to Loyalty.

Matching your content strtegy to your buyers buying journy and to your sales process will be a key component of your success in 2021.

Read If Your Buyer Has Just Stopped Buying It’s Got To Be Time To Stop Selling.

What can you do at the start of 2021 that will make a difference?

Learning is important and your development is vital to the success of your business.

Joining us over at Plan Grow Do will play a large role in helping you develop your selling skills in a modern world.

Additionally if you want to join me in making a new years resolution to read more, grab my book Funnel Vision, Selling Made Easy on Amazon.

Not only could it help develop you but it will also develop your business. 

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