I Want To Sell

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Business Strategy

I Want To Sell

Back in 1963, a young guy named Joe Girard started his first day at a car dealership where he had begged for a sales job, having previously dropped out of high school and taken on various jobs including newspaper boy, dishwasher, and shoeshine boy.

On his very first day, he sold a car and between 1963 and 1978 he sold more than 13,000 cars, including 1425 cars in 1973 alone gaining him the title of world’s greatest salesperson in the Guinness Book of World Records. Joe put his success down to staying in touch with customers, remembering small details and asking them for referrals.

the greatest salesman joe girard

This inspiring story of wanting to achieve something more in life and setting out to do it shows that it is possible to have high expectations and surpass them by having a sure set of steps to get there.

“I want to gain more sales.”

One of the biggest challenges for any new business, startup or even experienced businesses is being able to sell more. Just like growing a plant requires water and sunlight your business will only grow if there are sales. No matter how good your business strategy is, if you’re not making sales then your business will struggle to grow. As well as being able to sell more this encompasses finding new avenues for sales, for example, social media, networking, websites, google optimisation, referrals, word of mouth, exhibitions and events.

Having a sales strategy provides the key to unlocking sales growth. Your sales strategy will have your sales targets, ideal customer profile, your sources of lead generation, and ways to overcome customer objections. Knowing all of these will put you in the ideal position to plan where you need to be getting exposure, what you can do to move customers along the sales pipeline and give focus on meeting your sales targets

“I want my sales process to become clearer to me.”

Knowing that you need to make more sales is a given but understanding how to get there isn’t always straightforward and there will be times that you feel you aren’t making any progress. You have an idea that for your sales to grow you need to know who you are selling to and who you should target going forward but you aren’t clear on the steps to get there.

A well-defined sales strategy will help you to understand the profile of your ideal customer which you can then use to plan your events, meetings, calls and emails. On top of that it will also show the sources of your lead generation helping you to plan your next steps and keep you focused on your long-term sales targets.

“I want to have a tried-and-test strategy.”

Being able to write your own sales strategy is a crucial first step but one of the obstacles getting in the way of doing this is confidence that you are doing it right. Being sure that your sales strategy will work might be one of the blocks to you sitting down to write it. Knowing that you have a sales strategy that is a winning formula and has been used by sales professionals will help you to believe in it and show self-confidence.

The good news is that you can download my free sales strategy template and other resources available from The Sales Mindset Coach website by just signing up to my blog. The other thing you can do is create your own sales strategy using the key components you’ve learnt and get a sales professional to spend a bit of time with you going over it and offering advice. Whichever way you choose, doing this will allow you to feel confident that it’s a method that’s worked before.

Next steps for sales success

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