I Don’t Want To Cold Call

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Sales Execution

I Don’t Want To Cold Call

I don’t want to cold call, someone might be rude to me.

“I don’t want to cold call” – Cold calling, love it or hate it, in sales there probably isn’t more of a dividing subject.

I listen to sales professionals such as Benjamin, and Grant who thrive on cold calling.

Their businesses evangelise about it and there are many business owners and sales professionals who follow their teachings.

While I speak to others who rely heavily on more modern sales approaches.

I completely accept and subscribe to the power of using a modern approach to selling.

But, business owners and sales professionals should not dismiss the power of traditional sales methods such as cold or warm calling.

Plan.Grow.Do. a modern sales methodology.

Actually, it’s why I along with my business partner founded our Plan Grow Do. modern sales training company.

Plan.Grow.Do. is a sales training methodology that helps business owners and sales leaders develop a modern approach to selling.

When it comes to cold calling we hear all sorts of excuses.

I don’t want to cold call – People only ever say ‘no’.

This is probably the most common frustration I hear.

People keep saying no, or worse, they put the phone down before you have had time to speak. I call this objection ‘someone might be rude to me’.

Cold calling takes a certain level of resilience and those making the calls must set aside their personal feelings. 

Note that only 28% of the receivers of cold calls engage in conversation and as I mentioned in a previous blog only 2% convert.

It does take a certain mindset to keep going, to accept the rejections and start each phone call with a positive attitude.

Sometimes it is about putting your big boy/girl pants on, stop sulking when it doesn’t go your way and put your personal feelings aside.

The result of the call is a momentary outcome and It’s not personal!

I don’t want to cold call – People never buy from a cold call, but they do from online marketing.

I can’t disagree with those that tell me that online marketing converts at a higher rate than cold calling.

Let’s be clear though, this is only when it’s used further down your sales funnel when you are looking to retarget and convert an audience.

Most people use organic marketing to speak to those that already follow them or those that have seen previous work and have an interest in what they’re offering.

They’ve already been filtered and gone from a suspect to a prospect so when they google your services or click a link on your LinkedIn page they are more likely to convert.

Organic marketing has an average conversion rate of 16%. It’s easy to discount the work you’ve already put in to get them from suspect to prospect. 

Cold calling is different because you are speaking to people at a suspect level.

A level of sales opportunity who most likely have not heard of your services or considered your product. So, lets compare like for like. Cold calling with cold targeting advertising.

Conversion rate:

  • Cold calling:                              2%
  • Social media*:                          0.71%

 *To a cold audience and not online Ads

When you compare the two options, cold calling vs organic social media posting, it’s clear that cold calling is the more effective.

I don’t want to cold call – Everyone I call has an excuse not to buy.

My final point in this week’s blog is the objections that most sales professionals receive.

After the fiftieth call of your day, 80% of them going to voicemail, only 28% remaining open to having a conversation, only 2% of those considering the possibility of buying from you it can feel tiring listening to the endless objections;

  • I just don’t need it.
  • I already have something similar already.
  • I don’t have time.
  • I’m too busy.
  • I don’t know you.

But there is one simple mindset shift that you can make to change your approach for cold calling, or in fact, any of your sales activities is understanding that it’s not their job to buy, it’s your job to sell.

So, prepare, go back to my previous blogs regarding pre-call planning and strategise to make sure you are able to improve that 2% conversion rate.

What’s next?

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