Is what you’re selling no longer valued by your customers and prospects?

by | May 11, 2020 | Business Strategy

Is what you’re selling no longer valued by your customers and prospects?

Your marketing to this point has been very deliberate and purposeful. You’ve been building value into every avenue of your marketing and customers have been responding positively buying your products and services.

So what is it about this current environment that’s making you give your value away for free?

Is what you’re selling no longer valued by your customers and prospects? Has this period of uncertainty demoted your purpose and the value you create to the lower divisions? Are you ready to allow all that you’ve achieved to be discounted by following a trend.

Limited offer was £950 now just £1, sign up now and in just 5 seconds you’ll be … blah blah blah.

Come on please tell me why have you chosen to join the rank and file by discounting all you hold dear?

Your selling messages and strategy

We know that your strategy works, you marketing is aligned to your strategy and your selling messages are spot on because they are reaching your target market or your ideal clients.

If you changed your strategy and you’ve restructured your business model then well done. There is nothing wrong in creating value through discounting if you have a purpose and destination design in it.

The reality is if you’ve taken the sheep approach and followed the crowd you’ve probably got very misaligned marketing messages and sales messages today.

I’m the market leader, the leading voice that adds authority and insights, yet I’m given this all to you for £1

Do you not think that the money, thinking and emotion that you’ve invested in your marketing deserves to be so quickly negated by some pretty poor sales messages?

Might it now seem strange to your customers?

I talk so much about that “you sell how your buyer likes to buy”. With that in mind just think about your buyer for a moment.

You’ve taken them on a wonderful value added journey. They are in your Facebook Group, they are a LinkedIn connection, they subscribe to your blog and they’ve previously purchased something from you.

How do you think they will react when they see this industry expert punting products and services out of the preverbal suitcase?

Do you think they see you change in message as well thought through, logical, manipulative or desperate?

Before you do anything please think about the longer term implications of the choices you are making today.

Do your buyers want it more now?

There’s another point to consider here and maybe its a fundamental one. Just because it’s significantly cheaper will people actually want or need your product or service more today than they did yesterday?

For example there has been a boom in online training, for all sorts of things, with amazing promises and some pretty amazing prices.

The brutal truth is that people are buying them because they are so cheap and not even taking the course.

There is a much different outcome on the completion rate of courses if people pay £950 for a course

So yes, you’ve sold something, well done. But, what’s the point if the value you intend to create has not been realised.

The marketing and sales messages that you’ve worked on for so long have just evaporated for ever.

The reality is I didn’t really want or need it, I just saw a deal and grabbed it. because it was so cheap I don’t value it and I can right it off without even thinking about it again.

So does free or discounting help?

Of course it does!

It really helps, I’ve already mentioned that if its part of your strategy and you have a logical journey planned it can be an incredibly success sales tactic.

But you strategy needs to be defined and your marketing consistent with your sales messages.

I’m currently using a discounted / free offer for my premium online sales course. The Accelerator Programme has three modules individually priced at £150.

Over time I have demonstrated that there is stacks of value in my content through my content, live events and customer reviews.

So why did I discount Steve?

Well, it was my strategy. My strategy was to discount one module and create a community that takes the course and extracts the value form it. In time I will communicate with them, offering them module two and three to continue and complete the course. I’ll also be asking for a review.

This isn’t snake oil sales – it’s transparent, consistent with the purpose of The Sales Mindset Coach and therefore something my customers and clients would value. The offer will end and the end of May. The important point here is that you offer must fit into your product eco system.


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