Just be you, but louder!

by | Aug 10, 2020 | Business Strategy

Just be you, but louder!

Just be you, but louder!

So, you want to become a leading voice because you understand the value in it helping convert sales. You have seen others in your sector excel at marketing and consistently talk about how well their sales are doing. However, you perhaps don’t know where to start when becoming a leading voice. 

Let’s start by listing a few leading voices you may have heard of: 

  • Neil Patel, 
  • Gary Vee,
  • Bill Gates, 
  • Barack Obama, 
  • Oprah Winfrey. 

All of them are known for being an authority in their area of interest. They are global examples and whilst this isn’t expected of you there are things you can do to become an authority in your industry. So, let’s look at some of the frustrations that might be stopping you from getting there. 

“I don’t even know where to start to become a leading voice.” 

To become a leading voice in your field or industry you need to have knowledge and understanding, to give you a basis to your thoughts and opinions on thing relating to your sector. This is where professional development matters.

“Read 500 pages every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest.”

Warren Buffet

I can hear you say you don’t have time to read 500 pages every day, to effectively absorb all that information and knowledge so set another goal that is realistic for you, e.g. read for 1 hour every morning. This might mean getting up an hour earlier but remember, you are investing in you. Decide, are you worth it?

Some more famous readers are Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Phil Knight, Elon Musk, and Tony Robbins. There are many more to add to this list but the thing they all have in common is they found time to read, and essentially learn. Once you get started it’s easier to keep a habit going. Be consistent and keep learning.

Quick tip: If you’re a road person listen to audiobooks or podcasts, and if you want to start small grab my book. I’m not trying to sell a load of books but if you’re not in the habit of reading you’re more likely to get through the book from someone you know.

“I’m not naturally a loud person, how do I stand out?”

You can’t buy inner confidence, it’s not a magic potion, but you can work on it. You don’t have to be loud to be a leading voice. You can still stand for something and still have a voice that matters, you just need to find your own audience. What do you stand for? What do your customers believe you stand for? You must be passionate about your product or service and business and take note as this is a non-negotiable, not just when it comes to leading voice but for your business overall. 

Use your passion to help you find your leading voice. Talking about what makes your product and business special is still being a leading voice.

“I’m not sure how to make my voice count in my industry.”

Standing up for something that others aren’t talking about can make you a leading voice. But if you don’t feel that you’re too different then say it in a different way. For example, two leading voices in one industry might both highlight the same customer pain points but have a different way of expressing how they relate to this and why it matters to them. We all have our own journey which reflects our current opinions and thoughts, use who you are to be different and stand out.

“I don’t have a big enough audience to be a leading voice.”

Being a leading voice doesn’t mean becoming a celebrity. It means having knowledge and understanding related to your industry that people trust you for and are confident in asking you a question or referring you to others. Your reputation precedes you in a positive way.

Find your audience, whatever the size and become a leading voice.

So what’s the next step

I’ve mentioned above the benefits of reading great books that give you additional knowledge and skills, and if you are looking to get in that reading habit then there’s no better read then my book, Funnel Vision – Selling made easy to get you started. Being accountable to someone you know will help.

Additional to that you can join my free Facebook Group – The Sales Mindset Group which gives you a ready-made platform so that you can become a leading voice. With over 1600 members there is a target audience waiting for you.

Finally, don’t forget that continuous training is always important if you don’t continue to learn you’re not advancing your skills or experience. So head over to my training page and learn modern sales for business professionals.

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