Working with your ideal customer – know their problem!

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Growth Management

Working with your ideal customer – know their problem!

How many times have you heard the phrase “My target audience is everyone”

I’m going to be honest…It’s not!

It can’t be

But, with a little bit of research you can quickly define the characteristics of your ideal client that will allow you to save time, reduce cost and start the sales process by filling your sales funnel with your ideal prospects.

According to Marc Wayshak, a sales strategist and leader in sales research & insights, more than 50% of the people we consider prospects turn out to be not a good fit for our business or products. But a similar study also shows that 66.7% of us aren’t getting in front of enough prospects to grow our businesses.

Imagine the impact that this statistic is having on your business! You’re not engaging with enough prospects, yet from the ones you are over half will never convert for one reason or another. Ask yourself, do you have enough time in the day to double your prospecting?

You might consider yourself to have an already amazing sales process, a process of throwing a wide net to capture as many people as possible, meet as many as possible and accept the few sales that come through. But is that really an acceptable sales process?

Know Their Problem

Instead, have you considered that one of the fundamental things as sellers that will differentiate you from your competition is knowing what problem your product solves, and from there which type of clients may have that problem, i.e. your ideal customer. Having this information allows you to market and then selling to a more targeted audience saving both time and cost. Both of which is spent and wasted when having a wide net.

Answer The Questions

How many questions get asked by potential customers before they buy? Wouldn’t it be great to know all these answers before entering into a dialogue with that person. Knowing your ideal customer will help you focus on formulating those answers from the most common questions you get asked. It allows you to have a more detailed approach to customers in that sector or industry instead of trying to guess what everybody or anybody might do. You identify your ideal client, you solve their problem, you add them to your sales funnel and then you’re on your way to discussing the price.

Be Different To Your Competitors

How many times have you been asked, how are you different from your competitors? Most of us will talk about what makes us great, how we personally stand out and the motivation we have to succeed, but what your clients really want to know is what you can do for them that’s different from everyone else. Knowing your ideal client will change the way you compete with your competitors. Talk can change to how your success with similar clients have helped them gain higher results than those working with your competitors or the industry average.

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