Know Your Value

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Sales Leadership

Know Your Value

What’s your value?

When I say value, what do you think of?
If you think about what you’ll be earning, i.e. the value to you, then sorry, you’re wrong.
If you think about the value for money you’ll be giving your client, i.e. charging a lower rate…wrong again.
If you think about what you give away for FREE in the hope that it will generate VALUE down the line…you’re wrong again.
If you think that all those moments you done that favour for people in your networks…you’re wrong again.
All of the above is not truly adding value from a sales perspective. It could be argued it’s destroying value.
As it fundamentally comes with little value attached to it or any value add in the eyes of the receiver.
What I’m really talking about the value you bring to your clients in terms of the benefits to them.
Tangible benefits. Those benefits that solve or identify a problem people didn’t even realise they had, a wealth generating opportunity or fulfilling a want / desire.
I’m talking about your value proposition – that defining USP. I mean really figuring out your Unique Selling Proposition and your Value Proposition are so closely linked, that you’ve got to do both.
Why do you need to understand your value?
In short, it’s one of the only things your clients (or potential clients) care about. In my experience, clients usually have three questions:
1. What’s the benefit?
2. How much is it going to cost?
3. How long will it take?
When I say benefit, that benefit is the value to create and bring to them.
People pay for convenience, for peace of mind and for being excited.
The value you provide for clients is why they’re going to buy from you or hire you to. So why is it so difficult to figure this out?
Who’s your client?

To figure out the value you add, you need to know who you’re adding it to. In my experience people find this hard for one reason:

  • You don’t know your ideal client

Why does not knowing the ideal client matter?

Taking the time to work out your ideal client is essential for figuring out your value and your USP, because without knowing who you’re targeting (and knowing them well), how on earth will you know what they value?

Your value proposition and your unique selling proposition are umbilically linked. After all, it’s all well and good being unique, but why does that matter to them?
What’s the value?
In my view many business owners have been getting value wrong for a long time, whether that’s because you undervalue yourself or you underestimate the power of small business.
Thinking your too small for these “fancy” sales techniques. But without understanding the VALUE you bring you’re not really adding value but DESTROYING it!

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