Listening To Feedback Brings You More Sales

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Sales Leadership

Listening To Feedback Brings You More Sales

How are you getting on with the more virtual ways of working?

Are you Zoom’d out or still loving how effective it is? Are you enjoying that you can sell from you home and network online?

It’s interesting that all this was possible before but many of us just didn’t do it. We didn’t work that way and we didn’t stop to think about more beneficial ways of working.

During the lockdown, I’ve been amazed by just how much I’ve learned and I’m not talking about sales or selling but I’m talking about finding the time to automate processes and make things more efficient.

Are you listening to feedback?

I knew I had broken processes and I knew I had fudged technology solutions. I was operating inefficiently and wasting time and money in reworking. Worst of all I was cutting corners and not thinking of my customers’ and prospects’ journey. Ultimately this was undoubtedly costing me sales.

Small things and things I would never have taken the time to put right if we weren’t in lockdown. Some of these were constant pieces of niggly feedback I received from people and some of these were skills gaps that I needed some training on.

All were simpler and easier than I thought and it turned out the biggest barriers to me previously putting them right were time and mindset.

Let me share a few of those things just you can get a flavour of what I’m talking about. You might roll your eyes or you might just reflect that you now have the time and motivation to do something about the things you need to attend to.


Grammarly and I didn’t realise this was free! I would on countless occasions see or be notified of spelling errors and have to edit the post after somebody had commented. The danger here is that people would make decisions based on first impressions and I’d messed up.

People had mentioned Grammarly and even told me I should get it, what stopped me? This was so simple, press download and it’s on my computer. In all honesty, this has been more liberating than you can imagine. Why didn’t I listen to the advice I had been given?

Office 365

Office 365, has been a major breakthrough. Until it was pointed out to me that I shouldn’t be seeing documents like tI was and I shouldn’t be having to reformat things and I should have to save and send as different formats.

Well, I got used to it and thought it was just a consequence of the Apple and Microsoft battle for dominance (well that might the truth). The answer was another application that I just download for a small fee and all documents are now received, saved, and sent in the correct formats. If only I’d taken the time to ask why this was happening it wouldn’t have been a 3-year issue!

Active Campaign

Active Campaign and this one is staggering. I had built a pretty sizeable list of subscribers to my blog and every week they receive a notification when the latest article is ready for them to read.

Well you know what, I didn’t even personalise the email they received, I shared no personalisation, no updates, no offers and didn’t even mention that I sell products! Why because I was busy, the list was building, sales were happening, it wasn’t important and I didn’t take the time to consider the impact (well lack of impact) this was having on me engaging with my customers and prospects. I was just to busy…madness!

So why are you telling us all this Steve?

I guess I’m underlining the importance of asking for, listening to, and acting on feedback. Not only will it make you more effective and efficient, but it will also give you a sense of accomplishment when you learn something new and it just might go some way to help you make a few more sales.

Maybe one of the things you know you need to work on is your sales skills and you’ve been putting that off for years. Getting by because you’ve been busy and you just didn’t need to. Well, now you know you do need to.

The way you sell will move to be more and more online. Why? because that’s where your buyers are hanging out. Your buyers problems have changed and you no longer know how you help them solve those problems. They consume content as part of their decision-making process and you don’t even talk to them on the platforms that they consume that content on.

Is it time to itch that itch – you need some sales training.

I’ve encouraged you before to do something about it and listen to the feedback. You’ve now got the motivation, you’ve got the time and you’ve got the solution.

To find out more about and to purchase Plan.Grow.Do. all you’ve got to do is click right here on this link.

I hope this short article motivates you to take some action on those small or big things that you need to do to improve your sales and do keep your eyes and ears out from the most valuable give of all – FEEDBACK.

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