Marketing and Sales Need to Work Together

by | May 25, 2020 | Business Strategy

Marketing and Sales Need to Work Together

I’ve spoken a lot about how the companies we now know as industry leaders defied all odds to become the businesses they are today, and how having a sales strategy helped.

I realise that times are different and although some of the key points are relevant, we now live in a different time that needs a different approach. Digital marketing and selling using online tools have never been more paramount to the successful growth of a business. But saying that ‘new dogs can learn old tricks’, as the old phase should say.

‘new dogs can learn old tricks’

New philosopher on the block The Sales Mindset Coach

So don’t throw everything out of the window as you can still learn from the businesses that have been there, done it and got the t-shirt.

Marketing and Sales need to work together to equip you with what is becoming a mainstream competency: Social Marketing and Social Selling.

With this in mind I’ve noted a few things you can do in this space to get better sales results.

Build your profile to attract the right clients.

To understand how much influence your brand has within your sector you need to have consistency in your sales and marketing plans. You need to be able to measure the input and outputs so they need to work together.

When you do more marketing your sales should increase as well, that’s the goal right?

If they don’t then your alignment is askew as you need to have an output for your marketing which is an increase in sales. If you don’t measure the causes and effect between sales and marketing activities, you’ll never know which channel increased those sales, so you’ll have no idea what you’re spending money on and what is effective.

Find the marketing activities that work.

As I have already mentioned having sales and marketing activities well connected you’ll be able to understand what channels of marketing are increasing your sales. You’ll be able to adjust those that don’t and keep close to what your customers need.

If you don’t have that alignment you run the risk of wasting money on activities that are not effective. For example, if you’re running a Facebook Ad and an email campaign you need to know which activity is generating customers. Have you got your measures in place and have you set yourself targets so you know what good looks like?

The prospect might refer to key information that helps you understand what interested them, where they saw you. Do remember the other way is to ask them – don’t be shy as people love to tell other people good things, just ask.

You’ll likely close more deals in a short time

If you understand your customers buying journey you’re likely to have a pretty good idea what information they already have. When they’re asking you questions you’ll know what their questions refer to.

If you don’t fully appreciate the effectiveness of your marketing activity you will spend time repeating yourself, going over information that they’ve already had or information they don’t need which can extend the buying cycle.

So, understand where they saw you and where they came from to keep your buying cycles short.

Decisions are made online.

We live in a modern world and a lot of people will decide to buy online solely through your marketing activities so allow this to happen.

Use your sales knowledge to increase the chance of prospects buying something through your marketing activities. For example, you might be running some Facebook Ads, so instead of having ‘Contact Me’ you could have the ‘Buy Now’ button which means they can head over to your website, book a slot, pay now, etc.

Without ever needing to speak to you have built the trust and authority through your marketing activities. Sometimes marketing can lead the way in giving people the opportunity to buy and sell.

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