Missing Your Quota? Then Up Your Call Rate

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Missing Your Quota? Then Up Your Call Rate

Making that One Extra Sales Call

Recently I made a video post on LinkedIn about doing an extra sales call a day to smash your targets and get your bonus. 

What quickly developed was an excellent thread with some great debate and expert insights about Quality vs Quantity, so I’ve made this article to summarise the thread and make it a takeaway that you’ll be able to digest!

The Sales Call Battle Between Quality vs Quantity?

This was the immediate and main point of discussion – it’s clear that simply picking up the phone one extra time just for the sake of it to meet a quantifiable metric is not going to get you the same results. 

Some key takeaways from this section of the debate:

  • It is better to have 5 quality sales calls than 10 average ones.
  • To that end, if you find you or your staff are making TOO MANY calls, (which might be apparent if a high percentage of your calls aren’t converting) then it might be worth exchanging a couple of these calls and dedicating the time to doing pre-call planning and post-call reports. 
  • If you already possess the quality element though, there are always things you can do to make time for an extra call.

Is the Culture & Mindset set to do more Sales Calls?

Culture is basically the plural of mindset, so these are interchangeable and applicable, whether it’s you who makes your own sales calls or your sales team. If you don’t have the right sales culture in your company, this can often supersede the issues of how many calls you’re making. So it’s crucial to get this right. 

Two comments which gave some good insight :

  • It’s about having a good mindset, selling with purpose, not just because you feel like you should be making a call or have to fulfil a quota.If you do have a sales team, are you certain that this is how they feel about their role?
  • Often the extra time to make these calls falls towards the end of the working day, when your prospects are too focused on getting out of the office and going back home.Is there a way to restructure your day around your time-critical sales calls?

A top-tip for finding that extra sales call to make. 

Don’t be afraid to reach into the past for that one extra call. People whom you’ve had previous engagement with may take less time to prepare for and also be more likely to buy. 

And finally…

‘The difference of Ordinary and Extraordinary is the word “Extra”… Just one extra call in a day, or even one extra call in a month can take you to Extraordinary results. Sometimes it is not the BIG thing that matters, just one little extra, one small extra push…’ – Irfan Fauzie

Thanks to Irfan for that contribution, which sums up the spirit of my post exquisitely. 

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this discussion and my mission to #ElevateEverywhere.

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