Networking, Presenting and my funnel! A great October for the Sales Mindset Coach

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Networking, Presenting and my funnel! A great October for the Sales Mindset Coach

Updates from The Sales Mindset Coach this October!

What a great month October has been; I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of really different business events across the Sheffield region and have been asked to take the floor to present at a number of them on Sales Funnels.

What’s amazing is the clarity and value these sessions bring to smaller business owners. It’s sometimes something like knowing when a Prospect is really a Prospect that makes a difference.

Remember they are only a Prospect when they i) have a want or a need for your product ii) have the budget to spend iii) have the authority to spend the money.

Get in touch if you would like me to join you and run a session at one of your business events. you can reach me at

What these events lead to is also what excites me. As a consequence I was asked to join a Facebook Group that is dedicated to a trade as their Sales advisor, I am developing content for The Sales Growth Club Live, I am about to start working with the local Chamber of Commerce and I’m collaborating to develop a Workshop about breaking down “ the fear” of selling.

Big social media benefits for the community this month too!

The Sales Mindset Group has grown quickly and we have a very active and engaged community.

It’s been amazing to have been joined by so many new members and this encouragement increases my commitment to create a platform for smaller business owners to safely develop their Sales Mindset.

The feedback received from this Group has led to the development of two further products in The Sales Mindset Coach range.

The Sales Growth Club and The Accelerator (more on these below).

In the Group this month we have had fun with the Sales Execution part of the syllabus with topics ranging from Funnels, Planning and Retention.

If you’ve enjoyed the content please take the time to provide a testimonial or recommendation as the value it’s added

Check out the testimonials from some delighted Sales Growth Club members over on the homepage!

We start our syllabus once more in November and kick off with syllabus area one: Getting Sales in Your Business Strategy. Check out more about the Sales Growth Club and how it can benefit your business – we have built the programme to help smaller business enjoy selling so be sure to check it out and see how it will benefit you, too.

The Accelerator Programme

This is an online learning program using The Sales Mindset Coach syllabus. You will work through a program of learning and come out of it with a sure-fire formula for successful selling. You will have exclusive content with tools and templates to walk away with a winning Sales Mindset

Register your interest in joining The Accelerator Program here.

Heres to your success in November!

I hope you have a very successful November and that you take the opportunity to grow your Sales Mindset.

Be sure to keep up to date with the latest news and free sales coaching advice over on the blog!

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