Outsourcing for better sales and business – the results are in!

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Growth Management

Outsourcing for better sales and business – the results are in!

Outsourcing – the results are in!

  1. Does outsourcing scare you?
  2. Are you worried about the results?
  3. Not sure you have enough time or money to let others do your work?
  4. Do you consider it a huge expense?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then read on to find out why outsourcing can be a source of income for your business and lead to less stress in your business. You’ll be surprised by what you find out.

Spend more time on building your business

Calling clients, contacting prospective clients, meeting with clients, networking at events, trade exhibitions, and many other activities are all crucial ways to gather leads, new contacts, negotiate sales and other processes which are all critical to your business.

While freelancers are working on completing the product or service that your business provides you can be ‘in the field’ getting new sales that as small businesses you rely on, sales you as the business owner are responsible for. Remember clients and prospective clients want to meet with you to know that the hard-earned money that they are parting way with is going to be rewarded with an excellent service or product.

Increasing service level by using skilled freelancers

No doubt for many of the functions your business needs to run, including bookkeeper, office admin, manager, sales assistant, technician and other roles you’re able to do these with some level of skill. You may have built this skill up over time while running your business or come from a certain background such as accounting, so you can therefore quickly complete the books but your knowledge and understanding in other areas such as digital marketing may not be as good as you would like. In this instance, it would be very worthwhile to hire a freelancer or digital marketing company to plan and deliver your digital marketing saving you time, money and stress. Time you can but back into running your business!

Building a team for future

When you initially hire a freelancer to complete a small but key part of your product or service you’re putting a huge amount of trust into that person that they will complete it to the highest standard. It is a gamble, there is no denying that! You can of course ask other professionals and colleagues in your area to find out who they use to complete similar work but it’s not always that easy. For example, a printing company may expand its services to offer wide format print, but without a in house printer they would need to outsource. After finding someone and once that initial product or service has been completed to an exceptional standard a bridge of trust will start to be built from both sides. This allows you a level of confidence in continuing to hire them to complete that type of work so you can go out there and get more work for your business, enabling you to grow the size, income and turnover. Ultimately, leading to a better income for you and much less stress in the time it takes to deliver – think staff absences, holidays for yourself, and other times when you can’t always be there.

Improve efficiency by completing work in shorter time

Hiring freelancers to complete projects allows you the freedom, flexibility and financial control to go out and secure more sales by pitching to more clients and prospects. This is a massive gain for your business if you can change your mindset around allowing skilled freelancers to do what they have with their experience and knowledge from working on this craft day in and day out. It’s easy to get stuck in a mindset of thinking that the work won’t get completed if we aren’t stuck to the office desk doing it. There is a whole legion of skilled freelancers in your area ready to work today if you are able to see the value in outsourcing.

Better cost control of projects

By outsourcing key parts of work to others you are able to quickly and accurately begin to understand how much a project will cost which will help you when it comes to quoting for projects. For example, a marketing consultant may outsource website development to a trusted local partner which will allow the consultant to accurately work out the time and cost of the project when quoting to a client. This in turn leads to better efficiency within your business which all saves money, time and stress.

I hope some of the points highlighted above help you to think differently about the power of outsourcing and building a team that allows you the time to grow your business.

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