The results from pursuing personal development?

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Growth Management

The results from pursuing personal development?

Personal development is a very important part of the internal makeup of big businesses. Many of them providing a workplace learning and development program or course that allows their employees to gain new skills and grow professionally. Companies from Yelp, Pixar, Airbnb, and Etsy all have programs in place.

Hopefully we’ve all heard of Etsy the e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. It allows users to sign up and sell their products through Etsy’s online site. Etsy maintain control of the content and only allow the users and products it feels fits with its brand to be sold. It’s an amazing company that prides itself on the internal growth of its staff, so much that it’s created an Esty School, a school that allows it’s colleagues to learn from each other. Etsy believe that with Esty school they can foster not just cognitive development, but community connections as well. The school covers everything from silk screening to Python programming and even on occasion a juggling class.

I realise that for most of us we’ll never need to implement this level of personal development but if companies such as Etsy have found the need and in that time grown their business than so must we. In 2013 when this blog was written Etsy’s revenue was at $125.2 million, in 2018 Etsy’s revenue was $603.69 million. Although I realise personal development is only a part of the success it is still a part that makes a massive impact.

So what can we do to make sure we achieve similar success?

Continuous personal development, tick!

There a difference between learning and implementing what you learn. If you are just learning, to tick that metaphorical box then you’re both wasting time and an opportunity to take your business to a new level. The courses you take, workshops you attend, influencers you follow need to have an impact on what you do. The things they teach need to easily be applied to your business and that can only happen by focusing on the personal development that’s relevant and in-line with your sales plan. You should be able to see quick and small successes either with more sales, easier application of the thing you’ve learnt or at least a greater understanding of what you’ve been doing.

It’s all about you

Personal development does what it says on the tin. It’s all about being able to develop your skills and knowledge to then make improvements within your business.

Think about the last set of skills you learnt, maybe how to network more effectively? How to gain more sales? How to increase your sales conversions? Understanding your ideal client? Maybe you’ve attended one of my workshops? Everything you’ve learnt has been designed to give you the skills to make you stronger so your business can benefit from the results. So be clear on what you need to learn, more than what’s missing within the business. Your business might to develop it approach to marketing but if you have the technical skills to design then you might need to learn more on what your customer wants to see.

Results will come when you’re really clear on what it is that you’re developing and how it ties into your business plan.

Don’t forget others

Maybe you have staff or freelancers that assist you in running and growing your business, and that’s great, but remember just because you’ve learnt something doesn’t mean that they know it too.

It comes back to your business plan. Make sure that you plan for the relevant staff member to learn what you want them to do. Maybe you don’t need to learn the same thing they do but instead you learn more around managing that person on that area of expertise. Make a plan not just for you but for others that will need to know.


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