Personal Development – are you the best version of you?

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Growth Management

Personal Development – are you the best version of you?

Are you too old for personal development? Serious question…

Think back, how much time have you spent in the last 12 months on personal development? According to my Facebook insights, my key audience is between the ages of 35 to 54 so I have a good idea of who I’m talking to when writing these blogs. Also, I’ve coincidentally read online reports highlight how little personal development we do compared to millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996. According to Forbes, 94% of millennials commit on average $300 per month reaching their personal development goals.

This is an amazing stat that shows just how much the younger generation sees an importance towards personal development. But is there a worry of over-developing and can it become addictive? I’ve heard many people get frustrated at not knowing where to start, feeling pressured to learn more than they wish and be told they’re failing for not learning, and that’s something I want to be careful to avoid in this blog.

In the interest of helping with those key frustrations here are 3 key tips that will help you formulate a learning plan and know when enough is enough.

Know what you’re developing

Personal development is thrown around a lot both personally and for your profession and often as business owners we can feel more pressured to do something than do nothing, but this isn’t always helpful. Make sure what you’re developing is right for you and your business otherwise you’ll be spending time developing skills that are both unrelated and not needed.

What do I mean? I’m a sales coach so my main continuous development is going to be around mindset techniques for selling, maybe updating my cold calling knowledge from other people in my field, maybe even something around building a business as that’s going to help my business growth. But I’ll need to avoid spending all my time watching videos from Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar because even though these are inspirational, I currently don’t need inspiration I need technical and so they don’t allow me to learn the information I need that relates to me or my ideal customer.

Tie it into your plan.

It’s easy to see someone of influence with a book offer or training course and think, yes I’ll buy that! But does it tie into your plan, is it relevant and current for where you’re at in your business? At this point in your business you might be getting enough leads but failing to convert convincing me that you need to develop your ability to close, not sell. From here your plan should be built around what’s next, maybe delivery and customer service. Create a development plan that compliments your business plan and stick to it.

Monitoring the changes

Your continuous development should be having an impact within your business and hopefully on the bottom line. Monitor this. Look at the results before your learning, during and after you’ve fully implemented what you’ve learnt. If it’s not making a difference consider why, what is and what’s not? Have you not understood what you’ve learnt or is it that it just doesn’t work for your business? Knowing what hasn’t worked is just as helpful in knowing what to learn next.

I believe that personal development works most effectively is when you know with full clarity what you need to learn and why you need to learn it and more than anything, this comes back to creating a development plan that compliments your business and sales plan.

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