Personal Development – Top tips to a better you!

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Growth Management

Personal Development – Top tips to a better you!

Back in the 1850s a young boy was expelled from school for being “too stupid to learn” and was home-schooled by his mother. Much later on he was fired from his first two jobs for being unproductive but after over 1,000 attempts went on to invent the light bulb. We know this man as Thomas Edison, but we might not have done if he didn’t have the determination and resilience to keep going when he was knocked down.

You are responsible for your personal development. You can delegate tasks to others and pay others to help you to learn but you have to set the ball rolling by taking that first step. Naturally, this can seem daunting but read on to find out my top tips for personal development and then make your PDP today.

Have a plan – do it today!

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. – Lewis Carroll.” – Lewis Carroll

Having a definite plan will change the direction and the destination. If you wish to develop yourself start with knowing what you want to learn. What are the outcomes you want? Your plan will be personal to you. You should have a good idea at this stage what it is you need to develop in yourself to help your business grow. Use this as the end point for your plan, and work backwards from there to how you will get there. Planning is a key skill but not always well taught in schools and learning institutions. There are ways to overcome this and useful websites with ideas such as

Schedule time with yourself

Value your personal development plan and time with the same level of respect you show for clients. Show up for yourself. Schedule a time in your diary and stick to that time. Be very clear on what that time is for, so is it an hour for listening to podcasts and setting up some actions to follow up with? Or is it 3 hours to attend a seminar or workshop such as my sales growth club to have skills to take away with you?

Put into action your plan – don’t let it collect dust!

“People who act on their good intentions succeed and the ones who don’t fail.” –Mark Wardell

The hardest step is making a plan because it’s the first step but that isn’t to say that the rest is easy. On your plan be sure to include a time, date, action and by who. Ownership of this plan will make you more likely to follow through but also sharing your plan. Those who share their goals are more likely to achieve their goals through accountability. If any of you are runners you will know setting up a run with a buddy is motivation to follow through. What can you do to ensure you follow through with your plan and that you take action? Who can help you? What can motivate you? Internal or external rewards?

A word of caution – find balance.

If you find yourself doing stacks of personal development but your business performance is paltry in comparison, there is something askew. Finding balance is key in growing yourself (to help your business grow) but also doing the daily tasks that need doing in a business, e.g. those phone calls to follow up with leads, the meetings, networking and labour needed. Set time in your schedule for personal development as per my previous tip but don’t over invest in yourself so that you have no time left to work in your business.

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