Post-call report template

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Sales Execution

Post-call report template

Download your free Post-call report PDF template
Why should you keep post-call reports? What use are they to you? Have you ever tried to remember any important details from a family or friend’s life from 6 months ago? It gets difficult as more time passes by. This is natural with all the information the human brain has to store. In 1885 Hermann Ebbinghaus showed that this in a diagram known as the forgetting curve.
All isn’t lost. You can make things easier for yourself by keeping a record of details that are important. That is where post call reporting comes in. Keep a reminder to call back prospects in a set amount of time and also record personal details. This could be the team they follow, children’s birthdays or events they are going to.  This information will come in useful when you set out to call them back in 3 months, 6 months or more. You will be able to ask them how did the event go or ask if they did anything special for children’s birthdays. These personal connections are your winning advantage over big businesses. Use it to showcase your strengths.
Download my free post call report template using the link above. Use it along with the pre-call planning PDF template to grow your sales.

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