Pushing through the self-development wall

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Growth Management

Pushing through the self-development wall

Pushing through the self-development wall

Statistics show that the self-development market is expected to have a growth of $13.2 billion by 2022.

That’s an average of 5.6% yearly gains with millennials leading the way as those that are most interested to learn. When considering the statistic, we have to consider how much COVID has played a part with many needed to adapt or pivot their businesses and their entire lives.

But it’s important to remember that regardless of COVID self-development is vital to any business owner or employee. Below I’ve outlined just a few short tips on how you can engrain self-development into your every day working life. 

Don’t stop learning

Ok, this sounds exceptionally simple, but it needs to re-iterated. So many sales managers, BDM’s or small business owners tell me that they started self-development just to give up half way through.

Perhaps because of lack of time, lack of understanding or did not think it was relevant, but I challenge you to consider that everything as relevant.

Next time you pick up a book, commit yourself to read it. Next time you sign up for a free webinar, make sure you actually attend.  You won’t know what you’ll need to know until you know it.

Look at others that are doing things right.

We rise by lifting others.

Robert Ingersoll

Often people hide away from seeing the success of other people in their field, it makes them feel less successful, inadequate, or even a failure, but these people once started exactly where you are now.

They went on a journey of self-development to build to where they are today, and they did that by learning from others. If you know that person and are comfortable speaking to them, ask them how they did it.

If they’re anything like the successful people that I’ve met and trained they will be overjoyed to help, just as you will when you get to that position.

Ask them what you can do to increase your self-development, ask for recommendations on books, podcasts, webinars, etc. Remember your only competing against yourself.

When things get difficult push through

We’ve all heard the phase “hitting the wall” when running a marathon. It happens in self-development too.

I know from experience that along your journey there will be a time when you think one of the following: it’s pointless, what else is there to learn, my head is already too full, or most likely you’ll be saying to yourself “I can’t do that it’s just not who I am.”

This is ‘the wall’, this is the limit of where your comfort zone is and you need to put aside the excuses and push your way through.

Set goals and targets

Just like everything in life set yourself a goal or target for your own self-development.

Not just a deadline of when you intend to complete this goal, but also how much time you want to spend on self-development.

My goal is to complete everything I need to by Thursday so I can spend Friday on self-development, either reading a book or attending a course.

Most people never get started or fail to finish because they don’t take the time their self-development needs. Everyone learns at a different speed so don’t judge how or when you learn against others. 

So what can you do now

Following on from the above tips, set yourself goals relating to what you need to develop on.

For me sales should always be at the forefront of any self-development, it’s the leading force for any growing business, so if you need to set yourself a sales based reading challenge here is a great example of what you can do.

This week read Funnel Vision, Selling Made Easy.

Next week make time to read The Million Pound Linkedin Message or Converted: How to help more people buy what you sell.

The week after The Easy Guide to Sales for Business Owners or The B2B selling Guidebook.

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