Sales and marketing a sprint or a marathon?

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Business Strategy

Sales and marketing a sprint or a marathon?

Is sales and marketing a sprint or a marathon?

Indulge me for a moment and imagine sales and marketing as Olympic athletes and lets take running as their collective passion.

While sales are your typical 100m sprinter, someone that can see the finish line and is more focused on reaching their top speed than pacing themselves, someone who gets in front and never looks back to see who they’re challenging. 

You could see marketing is a marathon runner.

Knowing their race isn’t about speed and can’t quickly be won. They need to pace themselves keeping an eye on both the goal and those around them.

While a sprinter can’t afford to stumble, a marathon runner can and still have time to get back up and catch up.

Sounds fair?

Different sides of the same coin

Sales and marketing have always had a competitive nature some would say rivalry.

Stereotypically one trying to take credit for the others work. But in truth, even though they are the same sport they’re not in the same competition.

One running around the streets the other is in the stadium.

The other focused on the longer game, the other is focused on just the next 10 seconds (metaphorically).

Imagine these runners working together, helping promote and sell the sport of running and teaching the benefits of how to run whether short or long distance.

If sales and marketing took this approach and worked together to educate this value to their prospects and customers, instead of wasting time competing against each other, they’d be better placed to compete against their competition.

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Two heads are better than one

We’ve all heard the famous phrase two heads are better than one.

The concept is based on the belief that if two minds agree on the same direction it’s less likely to be wrong.

These two minds normally both want the same outcome and have similar information, though would normally see things slightly different.

Unleash the power of these two whole departments acting as one – just imagine what could you achieve?

Your sales and marketing department, while still seeing things differently, should be working together, pulling in resources and finding areas in which they both agree.

Doing this will empower their marketing activities, reduce wasted cost, create more qualified leads and increase sales conversations.

Aligning your sales and marketing departments should be a conscious effort for businesses of all sizes.

Evidence suggets that companies who align their sales and marketing achieve 24% faster growth rates and 27% faster profit growth over a year period.

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Understand the other teams’ strengths

When your sales and marketing teams misalign it’s easy to spot.

Marketing will tend to drive exposure, collect data and build online engagement; while your sales teams will turn to LinkedIn messaging, cold call lists and network meetings.

Each department going for glory and trying to outdo the other.

Whilst competition can be good, this misalignment between these twol teams isn’t. Add to that the misalignment can become expensive.

Consider the relationship symbiotic.

Part of the marketing departments role is to create leads that play to the strength of the salespeople.

Perahaps you have a salesperson who’s skilled at social selling then align those marketing activities to create more online engagement for the brand.

Maybe you have a salesperson that’s skilled in cold calling, your marketing team should be collecting data via lead magnets to enable those cold calls.

If your marketing department can play to the strengths of your sales staff the marketing department will be able to create more qualified leads for less cost.

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What’s next

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