We’re back….and I have I got something special for you!

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We’re back….and I have I got something special for you!

2019 highlights and looking forward to 2020 with Sales Growth Club LIVE!

A 2019 highlight for me was working with over 70 business owners in my The Sales Growth Club Live Sales Training workshops.

Three Sales Training workshops for just £99! or individually at only £49 each.

I appreciate even more the challenges business owners have when it comes to selling.

For so many it’s an activity that is a consequence of being in business; something that has to be done and something that you just do, you just get on with it (kind of). 

The reality is that most business owners are not trained to sell. I mean, just because you own a business and you’re good at it, selling is not your core skill in your business.

You have specialism and passion in other areas at that adds value, creating you opportunities but, that absolute deliberate sales skill or sales approach, nope you just don’t have it.

How can anybody be expected to be good at anything if they don’t get the required training and skills to do a task.

Bizarre isn’t it that just because you’re in business you’re expected to be able to sell. Actually when I talk to business owners so many of them say they don’t like selling and many say they are very bad at it.

Now we’re putting our cards on the table, and because your sales are such a critical part of your business can I ask you as question?

How much money and time did you invest in your sales skills last year?

Your answer was a big fat zero wasn’t it or, something very close to zero!

Now think about how perverse that is. You have not invested in sales as the skill that directly impacts the cash that comes into your business. To reiterate you’re not investing in a skill that you can develop to increase the cash that coming onto your business….let’s leave that thought hanging for a moment.

Ready to go on…ok, I’m going to push this point a little further and highlight (and this is just a hunch) that you don’t even have a Sales Plan, you don’t have a structured way of Growth Management and you don’t even have a Sales Process but even knowing this you’ll still not invest in this vitally important aspects in your business.

Why not? What are you scared of? Why the head in the sand behaviour!! I just don’t get it.

Oh wait I’ve got it, you think the training out there is not relevant to your business. Oh, and you think that it’s too expensive. Oh and that you’ll not see a return and perhaps you’ll get round to it when you can make the time because things are busy right now.

Honestly, please! it’s time to smell the coffee and do something about it. Sales and selling are the skills you need and the skills you can develop.

And this is why I’ve brought back The Sales Growth Club Live Sales Training workshops in 2020. To give you the opportunity to create your Sales Plan, structure your Growth Management and master your Sales Process.

Three Sales Training workshops specifically designed to help business owners develop their sales skills, recognising your busy people and making them incredibly affordable.

How the Sales Training Workshops are set up to help business owners

One Sales Training workshop in January, one in February and one in March. The Sales Training workshops run for 3 hours so you’ll be able to get back to work after. You can book your place on all three Sales Training workshops are just £99! (Or individually at £49 each).

What reason do you now have left for not developing your sales skills and sales approach – well it’s not relevance, it’s not return on investment, it’s not time…hmm what left, oh yes it’s you!

All you have to do now is act. Book on via this link https://thesalesmindsetcoach.com/the-sales-growth-club-live/ and select the 2 for the price of 3 option and we’ll get in touch with you to confirm the details.

If you need any more convincing you can view the video above from Katie Bain from Game Explorers and other video testimonials from business owners who have taken action and developed their sales skills by attending my Sales Training workshops here 👉🏼 Katie Bain Testimonial from The Sales Growth Club Live 3

While I’ve got you hear take a read of the testimonial from Nick McCloud about ROI…not bad hey

A fantastic review of The Sales Growth Club LIVE!

As a final sign of from this week’s blog don’t forget that last-minute Christmas present, Funnel Vision Selling Made Easy https://amzn.to/2MSSiYd

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