Sales leadership – how to be a leading voice

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Sales Execution, Sales Leadership

Sales leadership – how to be a leading voice

Sales leadership has two main aims. A sales leader has to have a destination and others who want to go there.

Those are the two critical things you need to focus on. But this isn’t a chicken and the egg scenario.

First, you’ve gotta decide where you’re heading. You’re not the Pied Piper. People won’t follow you into an abyss.

Determining your destination comes from within. You have a mission or a purpose that you’ll care about. An objective that means something to you. Pick it, stick to it.

The second part, finding others who want to go there is about putting your message out there and communicating it clearly. There are a lot of people out there with no direction and who need some guidance. You being clear in your mission gives them something to believe in and a route towards fulfilment.

Here’s the thing about being a leading voice. You don’t actually have to tell people what to do. You can lead by example. There is no right or wrong, just personality types. One will naturally appeal to you more. That’s the one you go with.

One thing you do have to be though is confident in what you’re saying.

If someone says, “I think it’s that way…” or someone who says, “It’s just down there on your second left opposite the Post Office,” you follow the directions of the second person in a second, without a second thought.

The goal for a leader in sales

The goal is to lead conversations, thought processes and influence people to your way of doing things.

There are businesses out there manipulating people for nothing more than profit. Influencing people to make the world a better place is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you know your subject matter inside out, joining your industry circles and becoming known as an expert is an excellent way to get referrals and credibility. Being talked about in your industry is a great sign that you’re making the right waves.

It shows you have insight that is trusted and respected, over and above your competition.

Key Points to Consider

Choosing your mission is critical. This has got to be something you’re 100% committed to, because if you aren’t people will be able to see through it.

Communicate clearly. Your mission statement should be succinct, recognisable and express everything that you are hoping to achieve.

Confidence breeds confidence. If you are confident, people will have less doubts about following you.

Things take time. You’re not going to have a horde following you after a fortnight. Your message and mission should be able to stand the test of time. There are no overnight successes.

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