Who Is The Sales Mindset Accelerator Programme For

  • “I’ve just started my own business for the first time, I have no experience selling and I need to get things up and running quickly. Otherwise, I’ll have to go back to the 9-to-5 which I hate.”
  • “I’ve been in business for a year or so, and I’ve managed to get enough business to survive, but I feel like I’ve hit a glass ceiling with the amount of business I win. I honestly don’t know what I need to do.”
  • “I’ve just been employed as a Business Development Manager and my plan for getting sales involves a lot of social media, but I’ve never used social media to sell before…normally I use it to look at videos of Chimpanzees on Segways.”
  • “I’ve just started my first job in Sales and I want to do well, but I’m worried that I’ll turn into one of those pushy salespeople that everyone hates.”

Happy Customers!

Simon Adams

Freedom In Numbers

I came across Steve Knapp the sales mindset coach at a local networking event. Steve was passionate about changing the face of sales and moving it away from the stereotypical pushy salesman.

Our business needed guidance to streamline our sales process, and I found the accelerator program perfect for this.

 It helped me gain a better understanding of our business and its sales process, and how we can improve to help our clients more effectively.

The accelerator course is online so you can do it at your own pace, and there are live sessions and support to help cement what you’ve learned.

The accelerator course has helped us identify the right kind of client, and how to identify the wrong clients too. The accelerator has been an invaluable tool to help our business grow.”

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Create a Winning Sales Strategy

Build rock solid links between your sales and marketing

Generate Sales through Customer Feedback

Build a Networking Plan that connects you to the right people

Become an influencer in your field as a result of your success

Growth Management


Set meaningful sales targets and be able to forecast effectively

Identify and convert your ideal prospects

 Take ownership of your self-development and how to translate that into sales performance

Drive accountability in others to deliver results.

Manage your time to focus on growth

Sales Execution


Master a winning pipeline full of opportunities

Grow sales from areas you may not have explored

Generate more sales from your existing customers

 Lose your fear of cold calling and learn how to master it to keep your pipeline flowing

Track and analyse your sales performance