Are your Sales behaviours consistent with your marketing strategy?

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Business Strategy

Are your Sales behaviours consistent with your marketing strategy?

Learning how to plan your marketing and sales strategy is a lot like learning how to drive.

Think about your sales and marketing as your hands on a steering wheel of your car. If both are aligned, you head in the right direction. If one starts to pull in a different direction, you’ll be all over the road and you will probably have a few bumps and scrapes, or crash completely.

Sales and Marketing strategies have to coordinate and stem from what your customer’s needs are, in the same way that if we’re in our car, we can drive as well as we want, but without a destination, we’re just driving aimlessly and we won’t accomplish anything.

The best part is, by learning how to plan strategies properly, you can change direction in your business any time you need to, because you can just plan a new strategy…as easily as putting a new destination into your SatNav. There is never a straight road to success. Learning how to drive your business with the marketing and sales strategies steering you in the right direction is critical to getting there.

When I worked for Shell, I was selling one company lubricants, but they had no way of transporting it. So I sold them a truck.

The only thing was, we didn’t sell trucks as Shell. But I saw that I was fixing a problem and providing them with value. The deal for Shell was lucrative.

The sales manager loved it.

The marketing manager hated it.

Selling a truck drove (pardon the pun) a big conversation within the company as to whether or not that was the right thing to do. Even today I still think it was because it was the right solution for the customer. But then again, I was and always will be Sales/ problem-solving.

Shell don’t sell trucks!

Having any sort of official endorsement that we could would mean a huge global change in strategy of the marketing, what they’re known for as a company. If something negative had happened with that truck, Shell’s whole reputation could have been damaged.

An advantage of smaller businesses is that you CAN adapt how you do things, if it gets you closer to your final destination and is in line with your values and expectations.

There can be ramifications re: reputation loss, brand confusion. But being able to adapt can also mean more flexibility to suit customer’s needs which will result in a happier customer.

The relationship between sales and marketing in your business?

What is the difference between selling and marketing in your business, is it clearly defined? Are you actually ever selling, or do you just market yourself and wonder why no one is buying from you?

Do you market yourself based on price, or value added? Is that why when it comes to closing a deal, people try to get you to lower your price?

Are you selling without marketing? If people haven’t heard of you, don’t understand what it is you do, or how it can benefit them, will they even give you the time of day for a sales conversation?

The KEY things you need to bear in mind when aligning your marketing and sales strategies:

  1. Marketing isn’t selling. Marketing feeds your sales activity – no point marketing with no sales message.
  2. If your marketing is poor, your sales won’t have anything to go on. You can have 100 sales conversations without marketing and win 3 sales. With good marketing, you might only need to have 10 to get the same results.
  3. Consistency – does your marketing meet the customers’ needs? Because your selling does.
  4. REMEMBER sales sell value/solutions not product and price. Does your marketing match this? Are you setting the right expectations?
  5. Feedback feeds future marketing. It’s a cycle, marketing, sales, feedback, marketing, sales, feedback
  6. Marketing is more strategic and sales is more execution. Recognise your mindset needs to be different for each. You should NOT be selling in your marketing. You SHOULD be cutting to the chase when selling.

For more awesome information about how sales in your business strategy can be a key driver for business growth, be sure to keep an eye on our blog. It’s full of brilliant advice and actionable steps to help you become better at sales. We hope you enjoy!

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