I’m NOT a Sales Professional get me out of here!

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Sales Leadership

I’m NOT a Sales Professional get me out of here!

I’m NOT a Sales Professional get me out of here!

I just don’t get it. 

I just don’t get how people assume just because you run a business you know how to sell.

You’re an inventor, an investor, a manufacturer, a creative but primarily something other than a salesperson. Yet one thing is a true as the day is long you’ve had no sales training as such, you just do what you think works best and you certainly don’t follow a sales process. Actually you do all you can to sell but it just gets in the way doesn’t it.

You’ve just not been trained!

Well let me introduce myself – 

I’m Steve Knapp The Sales Mindset Coach and I’ve worked in sales my whole working life and I’m a Sales Trainer.

I am a Sales Professional who actually wants to help you grow your business by helping you sell more, there I’ve said it!

You may have read some of my previous blogs or even my book where I talk about the stigma that’s associated with selling and that I believe its thoroughly deserved.

Step up ‘the Snake Oil’ seller… 

Back in the 1800’s the US was busy building the First Continental Rail Road and a lot of Chinese labourers were employed. These labourers brought a product with them from home which they used to reduce inflammation – it was made of oil from the Chinese Water snake. Allegedly they shared the oil with their American co-workers who were suitably impressed and wished to replicate it. Unfortunately, Chinese Water snakes are not common in the US and so ‘alternatives’ were used!…and thus began the story of ‘the Snake Oil’ seller. 

Traveling salespeople moving town to town selling their wares to a gullible market by claiming miraculous benefits and cures. Of course, by the time the oil was found to be of absolutely no use, the salespeople were long gone. 

I know why you don’t invest in improving your sales skills

There’s history isn’t there and current poor practices that drives your motivation to put the need to improve your sales skills into a little box and not open it. You believe in this Law of Attraction thing that suggests if you want it bad enough it’ll just happen…folks let me tell you it won’t!

Let me put it another way, would you fly with an airline who’s pilots were not constantly trained? Would you let a surgeon operate on a family member who hadn’t had hours of learning and has oodles of trusted experience? Of course not, but you’re sold to or sell every day from a position of no training and no refreshed skills.

I know the risk might not appear the same, but we’re talking about your businesses, your livelihoods! Ok let me frame it this way, how much have you invested in your sales skills in 2019? How much do you intend to invest in 2019? Have I got the point over yet?

Ok back to the back story…

The Market Trader

The stack em high and sell em cheap mentality that we see on market stalls the length and breadth of the country. The chirpy almost musical pitch calling out to you and enticing you to the special offer that’s to good to be refused. You just cant picture yourself with this level of confidence, this robust approach or the thick skin that handles the rejection but continually repeats the banter. 

The Numbers Game

The make more sales calls approach. A sales target that drives the need to sell vs the customers need for your product of solution. This is the win-loose approach and not the win-win that you desire to achieve. You recoil from the target driven need in your business and this spray and prey approach to selling. I get it its just not you is it!

The Cold Call

Oh yes this is the one. The task you just hate. Talking to someone that you don’t even know.  This is hard graft, call after call – the risk of actually pushing for a meeting, the need to maybe talk about your offer, your solution – just in case they ask difficult question, sent what I want or worse they are rude to me….just a word here that cold calling is statistically still the most successful outbound sales activity you can perform.

The Gatekeeper 

A role that has been created as a consequence of all this bad sales behaviour. A role that now is in businesses to filter out your poorly directed sales approaches. You know what, let’s blame the gatekeeper and not look to our skills or part in being where we are. (Eight tips to get past the Gatekeeper)

So this is why you don’t invest in sales training

From Snake Oil to the current day there is always a reason or a behaviour you don’t like and therefore its easier to back away from your absolute need to invest in some sales training to grow your business. 

So what should you do to improve your sales ability?

The Sales Mindset Coach has built and delivered successful sales training for smaller businesses to understand and enjoy selling. You can see more about these events on the video below and also over on my Sales Growth Club Live page on the web!

Funnel Vision: Selling Made Easy – the ultimate book on sales.


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