Grab ‘the greatest sales training book ever’ for only £2.99 on Amazon TODAY!

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Grab ‘the greatest sales training book ever’ for only £2.99 on Amazon TODAY!

This limited-time offer is available now! Grab your digital copy of Funnel Vision: Selling Made Easy, on Amazon today!

Richard Denny came bouncing down the stairs at the Calor Gas National Sales Conference in his sharp pin stripped suit and his highly polished brogues. He might even have had the red braces, although this was 30 years ago and I can’t quite remember.


Grab your copy of Funnel Vision: Selling Made Easy, on Amazon today!

His story was one all about how sales was a great profession and that he had made and lost a million pounds on a number of occasions but in the end the skills associated with selling had always ended up in success for him.

He gave everybody in that conference his book Selling To Win and I studied it cover to cover.

Sales Training Book by Richard Denney
One of the sales training books I found so vital to my career.

I loved how he told stories, gave anecdotes and provided Pocket Reminders that would help me throughout my sale career.

Some 15 years later my father was doing some business with a gentleman that turned out to be Richards son.

Now my father knowing the impact this book had had on me somehow managed to arrange a dinner where me, my dad, Richards son and the man himself would spend the evening together.

It was such a memorable evening for me and Richard carried the same mystic that he has 15 years earlier. This time he was in a sharp grey suit and still had those highly polished brogues.

He also had under his arm his latest book that he had signed for me. This book was called Succeed For Yourself.

This was now my second sales book, if I was not careful I would soon need a bookshelf!

Over the following 15 years my sales bookshelf has indeed grown but I still recall with such fondness the man behind my first two sales books and the lasting impact his sales advice written in them had given me.

Right up to the present day, 30 years after seeing and 15 years after meeting Richard Denny, my first sales book hits the physical and digital bookshelf’s.
Funnel Vision – Selling Made Easy is launched on Thursday 24th October.

But before that the book is available on general sale here as an opportunity to purchase on pre release the digital version for only £2.99.

I’m so excited to see just how my book can influence, help and captivate sales people and business owners as Richards did to me.

Funnel Vision: Selling Made Easy

Daniel Disney of Founder and Owner of The Daily Sales says of Funnel Vision – selling Made Easy ‘’This is not just going to be one of the best sales books of 2019, but one of the best sales books ever”.

This is an amazing quote from somebody in the sales profession that I have huge respect for and I’m equally grateful to other testimonials on the book from Niraj Kapur, Benjamin Dennehy, and Darryl Praill.

the best sales training book
Funnel Vision: Selling Made Easy – available on Kindle NOW! Get your limited time offer today. Your digital copy for just £2.99 (limited time only!)

Click the image above or click here to order your copy.

I’m blown away by the positivity around the book and have ensured that the book provides the same value as Richards did to me buy sharing my stories, my experience and many sales templates for you to use.

Here’s to your sales success and the small part I hope to play in it?

Cheers, Steve

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