Sales training from the Sales Mindset Coach. Something for everyone!

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Sales training from the Sales Mindset Coach. Something for everyone!

The Sales Mindset Coach – Expert Sales Training in Sheffield!

18 months ago I would never have imagined that The Sales Mindset Coach would be such a lively and busy brand.

I expected it to shadow my sales consultancy Steve Knapp Sales, but in actuality it is an amazing opportunity for me to share my sales experience and help more business owners and sales professionals than I ever thought possible.

The Sales Mindset Group

The free Facebook Group, The Sales Mindset Group provides a safe place to develop and nurture your Sales Mindset and is a group growing in number every week.

We spend 4 weeks at a time on each topic in my 15 step syllabus and that enables us to really explore each area and embed much of the advice and help provided.

The syllabus is broken down into 3 areas Sales Your Business Strategy, Growth Management and Sales Execution. Each area is cram packed full of help and advice.

Just check out a few of the Facebook Reviews:

The Sales Growth Club

From the free group came a request for more personal coaching with some accountability and that’s where The Sales Growth Club came from.

We now have members that are growing their sales as a direct consequence of joining the group and receiving direct coaching from me and enjoying being held accountable.

See this review from one of our “Clubbers”:

Joining The Sales Growth Club is easy and it’s only priced at £25 per month so that’s just £5.77 per week and you’ll receive:

The Sales Growth Club

  • Exclusive Sales Growth Club TV Shows giving Sales Insights and advice.
  • Weekly access to The Sales Mindset Coach via alternate weekly Facebook Lives and Q & A’s.
  • Weekly sales challenges to support the development of your Sales Mindset.


  • Sales templates and sales tools to download.
  • Access to a community of business owners on similar journeys.
  • A back catalogue of sales insight from The Sales Mindset Coach.
  • Instant access to a library full of video sales tips

The Sales Growth Club Live

But what happened next blew me away. People were asking me to take The Sales growth Club “live”!

That meant coming out from behind the keyboard and delivering training to business owners. More than that it meant I had to think about how to get enough people in the room. More than that I had to think about what content I was going to use. More than that I had to make sure it was a “workshop and not a talk shop”. More than that….

You get the picture, I was out of my comfort zone. But with the support of my team and the support of my wonderful The Sales Mindset Group members we filled the room! Well actually we’ve filled it twice and now have 2 more events planned for this year.

We called the workshops The Sales Growth Club Live – do you see what we did there – clever hey!

Just check out what people had to say!

Book Your Place and Don’t Miss Out

As I mentioned we have 2 more workshops this year and they are so busy that I advise you to book on now.

The first is running on Monday 23rd September and is titled Sales Execution.  This workshop will show you how to:

  • Use your sales pipeline to prioritise your sales activity
  • Use pre-call planning to deliver successful sales outcomes
  • Capture the value in documenting post-call intelligence
  • Maximise revenue through customer retention

Book on by clicking the image below! 

Sales training in Sheffield with Sales Growth Club Live

The Ultimate Sales Growth Club LIVE!

The second is a bringing all 3 of my Sales Your Business Strategy, Growth Management and Sales Execution workshops together in The Sales Growth Club Ultimate. This will be held on Monday, November 11th

This is an event only for those of you that are ready, prepared and determined to develop your sales approach and sales mindset.

You need this day if you are struggling with your sales approach, if you are looking to build your sales plan from scratch or, if you want to invest in freshening up your sales approach

For more information about the Ultimate Sales Growth Club Live – check the image below and hit the LINK!

Sales Training. Ultimate Sales Training

We will work through my sales syllabus and you will build an actionable Sales Plan that you can deliver.

Sales training for businesses.

A real value add that has become apparent is how The Sales Growth Club Workshops benefit business teams. I get it, you can’t really send your whole team out to workshops but you can bring the training into your business. You can make sure the training is relevant, specific and intimate.

If your business could benefit from a 3 x 3 hours boost of sales training then I’d be happy to talk about how I can help you. This exact scenario happened with 512 in Sheffield just take a look at what the feedback was.

To discuss how my sales training for the workplace can benefit your team and business please feel free to contact me – I’d love a chat!

Sales training in Sheffield for business Sales training review Sales training workshops for business review

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