A bright year ahead for sales training for smaller business owners!

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Business Strategy

A bright year ahead for sales training for smaller business owners!

Well, this week I turned 50…you know what, other than the knees creaking I’m doing great.
I’m just back from a walk around the hills and reservoirs of the Peak District and have a family meal and quiz night at the pub to look forward to.
There was no 4G on my walk and when I found civilisation I was amazed at how connected I have become and how social really works.
What an absolute treat to receive so many Happy Birthday, gifs, memes and videos on Facebook, texts, Whats-App, Messenger etc. etc. It made me feel really good and appreciate where I am today. 
I’m doing what I love to do. I read, learn, talk, share, teach and coach all things Sales. I never imagined that 30 years on so much change would have happened in my profession.

Modern Technology in sales

Just how connected and instant we can communicate is such an advantage to today’s sellers. But, I’m not sure if my experience of door knocking to learn my trade is a better grounding than with instant access but it’s surely different.
I do believe it’s easier to prospect than ever before, easier to research information and easier to stand out from the crowd. I’m not saying the “selling” part is easier but I believe prospecting is!
I often mention to younger sellers that when I began the mobile phone didn’t exist, the internet was not around and social media wasn’t even in the sci-fi films.
Actually, the biggest technological change I recall was when BT brought in a charge card so I didn’t have to carry around change for my pseudo office, the public telephone box…maybe some of you are now wondering what they are. Well, they probably have the defibrillator in or something similar nowadays!
Anyway, I digress, but you may have your own technological memory. If you have one please share it?
This blog continues the focus on technology, digital and social and all the things I’ve learnt this year and have planned for 2019. You know they wouldn’t even have existed back in the day…maybe with the exception of The Sales Growth Club Live.
The Sales Growth Club Live is happening 5th February at Jurys Inn, Sheffield. I’ve created a workshop that addresses the most common gap I find in a Business Plan and that is a Sales Plan and this is the key reason why businesses do not see the Sales Growth they anticipate. 
You might be reflecting right now that to achieve your 2019 growth plans you need to address your sales mindset. Take a look at this link and for sure you’ll leave the workshop with sales at the heart of your business.

New adventures for The Sales Mindset Coach.

[bctt tweet=”With the huge move forward in technology for business, making access to learning available to all, the mission to improve sales training for the smaller business is now more accessible than ever. ” username=””]
Something that has developed over the last 6 months is a digital / online learning product called The Accelerator Programme. 

The Accelerator Program follows The Sales Mindset Coach syllabus and puts you in control of developing your Sales Mindset. Designed to embed learning, skills and confidence over a 12 week period at a pace that suits a busy business owner. Why not register your interest so I can communicate with you early in the New Year when I can share much more about this. 
And of course, we have my amazing Facebook group The Sales Mindset Group. This is a totally free group and is full of business owners who discuss and develop sales. The aim of the goal is to help business owners grow their business with a sales mindset whilst learning how to enjoy selling. If you’re new to sales, new to business, have a mindset barrier to sales or think you struggle with Sales this is the group for you.https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesalesmindset/
sales training sheffield

A free gift to help your sales targets and sales training!

And as a parting gift – I’ve put together an amazing Sales Target Setting Tool. Jump in here and get to grips with the challenge of setting realistic sales targets that drive growth. I provide a Target Setting Tool that’s simple to use and will teach you how to use targets to drive growth…there’s also a freebie around SPANOP the Sales Funnelhttps://bit.ly/2QuJLxV
As we take some time to spend with our families and loved ones I thought I would leave you with these a top sales tips to get you off to a great start in 2019.

A top sales tip heading into 2019…

Reconnect with previously lost prospects – We invest so much time and energy on an opportunity with a prospect, and if it doesn’t work out – *poof* – we make like a ghost and disappear. Big mistake. Has your ego been bruised? It’s hard to stare rejection in the face. 
Even though it’s not personal, it often feels like it is. Just suck it up and get back into the game, remember that you invested a lot of time in this prospect already, they know you, and it’s best to stay on their mind in case they need you in the future or things don’t work out with the other guy. 
Are you afraid of being turned down twice? The odds of being rejected twice are pretty high, but, guess what, they’re always high in the sales business. 
You might not have been a good fit for that buyer’s need at the time, but both you and their company can evolve. The company might have changed to your benefit or vice versa. 

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