Say it like no one else can

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Business Strategy

Say it like no one else can

Say it like no one else can

The key to becoming a leading voice is having a niche. There are established leading voices in most industries these days, whether it is on a local or global scale and it’s easy to feel second best as your voice becomes drowned out by some of the more established players.

Rather than trying to go after and compete alongside these industry giants focus on your niche. Begin with knowing your niche on a smaller scale. For example, if you are a photographer you might hone in on how businesses can use photography in social media as a niche.

Whatever you choose as your niche you really need to love what you talk about and believe in what you say because you’ll need to talk about it, write about it, promote it and make videos about it every day.

Also sharing from the industry giants will no longer suffice, you’ll also need to come up with original ideas, by studying your niche.

So, what else can you do, how can you get you from the small screen to blockbuster films, if the comparison works. Below I’ve outlined a few more tips and hints to help get you heard and in a modern selling world, trending!

Write a blog

A lot of people put off writing a blog because they worry they aren’t the best speller or writer. You don’t have to be to write a blog. There are so many digital tools to help such as Grammarly, Editor in Microsoft Word and Hemingway Editor.

What is more important to your audience is that you are authentic in your voice. If you don’t believe in what you say your audience will quickly tune in to that and how do you expect others to believe what you say if you don’t?

For example, if you’re an estate agent you might believe that location is more important than property, use your opinion on this to find your niche and audience. Consistently put out content about why this overshadows everything else when it comes to buying a property.

Personally, I believe that when selling it’s more important to build relationships with your client and find what works for both them and you rather than a cold call, sell, move on, rinse and repeat. But we know there are people that will encourage you with the latter.

I will always aim to convince you of the power behind relationship building, and if you are interested please head over to my Sales Mindset Facebook Group

Use social media

Spend time each day, starting with as little as 15 minutes, being a resource on LinkedIn or Facebook. These may not be your most popular platforms for social media yet but if you want to be a leading voice in your industry you need to be on LinkedIn at the very least.

Use your time on LinkedIn to respond to questions. By getting involved in discussions and helping others you are making a name for yourself, and building your personal brand. Use your social media to promote your content e.g. blogs, podcasts, videos, interviews, etc. 

Don’t forget to use your social media to interact with other leading voices in your industry, you can learn from them and develop your own voice.


As well as networking on social media, remember to network in other locations such as online meetings, physical network meetings that are opening up, online webinars and online trade shows. As we slowly move back into physical events keep an eye on the events in your area and be the first to take advantage.

Networking allows you to collect new ideas but also to develop and find your inner voice, a key part of becoming a leading voice. They are also a great way of building connections which in turn helps your personal reputation as a leading voice expand further. 

Be consistent

All of the tips I mentioned above are important but if you don’t remember this last tip then it is all for nothing. If you spend a solid amount of time for 2-3 months putting out content, networking, promoting that content and studying and then disappear off the grid for another 2-3 months that time and effort you invested will become undone.

Becoming a leading voice doesn’t happen overnight, it can take years if not decades to become a national or global leading voice. If you want to become a leading voice in your region you can achieve this over a few years, but you need to be consistent in promoting your authentic voice. Don’t be afraid to stir things up and disrupt with your opinions. 

So, what’s the next step

Becoming a leading voice is very much a mixture of preparation, guess work and monitoring the results. There is no magic bullet. I also realise that figuring out what you want to say and how you go about saying it often is not as easy as I’ve made out, so please take the time to prepare. 

By spending time now learning more about the sales processes and how your voice can fill your sales funnel will make everything you do worthwhile down the line.

Start your preparation by listening to those that have been there and done what you’re trying to achieve, and you can do this for very little cost by heading to Amazon and grab my book.

Funnel Vision – Selling Made Easy is filled full of information on how to stand up and be counted while tracking and monitoring your sales success. This book also helps you be accountable to someone you know, me. 

Additional to that you can join my free Facebook Group – The Sales Mindset Group which gives you a ready-made platform so that you can become a leading voice. With over 1600 members there is a target audience waiting for you.

Finally, don’t forget that continuous training is always important if you don’t continue to learn you’re not advancing your skills or experience. So head over to my training page and learn modern sales for business professionals.

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